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Loker Surakarta PT VICO Indonesia Terbaru

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Profile Of VICO Indonesia

Loker Surakarta - VICO Indonesia is dedicated to ensuring that the activities for the development and production of oil and natural gas is carried out in a manner that is safe and reliable in order to maximize value, both for Indonesia and joint venture partners VICO, as well asto minimize the impact on the environment. Already33 years after the discovery of Rhinos 1 gas wells, VICO Indonesia is one of the major manufacturers in the country. With the support of Ultramar Indonesia joint venture partners Limited, Union Texas East Kalimantan Limited and Universe Tankships, Inc., they start their search and in February 1972 to find a giant Rhinoceros Field, building one of the most important milestones in the history of energy in Indonesia. Exploration activities has sparked three years earlier when a Texas mining company outbid employee Roy m. Huffington and Virginia Public employers Arch Sproul signed Production Sharing Contract with Pertamina which includes 631.000 acres of the Delta Mahakam, long considered to be rich in oil reserves.

The first shipment of LNG from gas-generated Rhinosailed to Japan in August 1977, only 5.5 years after its discovery, a world record. Bontang has produced the first commercially produced decline of liquefied natural gas in the history of Indonesia. Since the initial discovery in 1972, VICO Indonesia has drilled more than 600 wells and found the gas volume of 14 trillion cubic feet, and more than one billion barrels of liquid. Oil and gas reserves located in the giant Rhinoceros and patchouli Fields, pearls and Semberah Fields, and in small, rice, Pamaguan, and Lampake Fields. The last decade of the oil and gas industry has seenmerger and takeover activity which has affected the ownership of VICO. The current joint venture partners of the Sanga Sanga-PSC are: BP plc BP East Kalimantan through the "Ltd", Eni SpA via LASMO Sanga Sanga"limited", the CPC, through Opicoil Houston, Inc., and the Universe of Gas and Oil Company, Inc. The world needs to supply abundant clean, reliable energy is growing rapidly. Natural gas is the key to a better life for many of the world's population. Vico develop economic and energy needs around Pacific Rim growing commercial opportunities for supplying energy in abundance.

This is a dynamic company VICO and growing that is built on the pioneering spirit and vision through theexpertise, energy, and the ability of talented manpower. VICO was the first company to bring LNG to Indonesia. Pertamina, VICO and through the support of its partners, implement the LNG sales contract. VICO is the industry leader in HSE, and has the potential to be a leader in bringing Coal Bed Methane to Indonesia which is capable of delivering natural gas to a new era for the people of Indonesia. Oil and natural gas currently produced covers six areas: rhinos, pearls, Semberah, Patchouli, Pamaguan and Lampake. Natural gas is delivered to the factory of PT Badak NGL Bontang, where LNG and LPG are produced and sent to the supply of fertilizer and methanol plant in Kaltim Industrial Estate.

Lowongan Kerja PT VICO Indonesia Terbaru

Update 14 Januari 2015
Posisi : Cost Control dan Administration – PCT
Persyaratan :
  • Pendidikan minimal Diploma D3, Sarjana S1.
  • Jurusan Manajemen atau akuntasi.
  • Nilai IPK minimal 2.75.
  • Mempunyai pengalaman minimal 2 tahun dibidang terkait.
  • Memiliki kemampuan presentasi yang baik.
Closing date tanggal 30 Januari 2014.  Segera kirimkan dokumen aplikasi lamaran kerja anda lengkap beserta CV ke alamat  email :
Kunjungi secara online melalui Career Development Center Universitas Padjadjaran
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