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Latest Jobs Otsuka Indonesia Position Pharmacist

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Otsuka Indonesia, a company, is a joint stock company in the field of pharmaceutical industry with Otsuka Pharmaceutical Japan. Otsuka Indonesia standing in 1975. Otsuka Lawang, East Java Indonesia, built on land covering an area of 40 thousand square meters. Otsuka Indonesia is a manufacturer and seller of products of which health tools products, clinical nutrition products and fluid infusion, then ethical drugs products. Otsuka Indonesia on its operational, namely since the early establishment of Otsuka in Indonesia, just import all products health equipment, clinical nutrition products and fluid infusions, as well as ethical medicines products from Japan. However, with over time with the times as well as in order to meet the Government's policy of Indonesia about how important it is to become a manufacturer of medicinal products locally in the country, so that on the basis of the Otsuka Indonesia then do an impact with overall production to begin deciding directly on Indonesia. Otsuka Indonesia is a company that is very detailed in order to manufacture products that want to remembered for the sake of quality, which is then created. By conducting in-depth research and surveys as well as the meticulous, Otsuka Indonesia found the base material for the product is Fluid Infusion, which is found at the foot of Mount Arjuna, East Java, and the basic ingredients proven to be perfect for an infusion of Liquid products. Otsuka Indonesia in order to realize the development in technology and human resources as well as the consistency, then Otsuka Indonesia always control the ISO standardization for the sake of improvements being done in sustainability. With continuously, then Otsuka Indonesia ever obtain what it wants it. In 2003 Otsuka Indonesia obtaining ISO 9001:2000 in order to continue to meet the consumer demand will be high-quality products, then Otsuka Indonesia also obtained ISO 14001:2004 in which it is a form of delegated responsibilities Otsuka Indonesia against its will be the environment in which Otsuka Indonesia always avoid adverse impacts will be the environment. Otsuka Indonesia have a flagship product, namely Infusion Liquid. In the effort of fluid Infusion Otsuka Indonesia already proved his capacity as manufacturer of fluid Infusion best in Indonesia. Otsuka Indonesia certainly always to keep keep the reputation of the already ditorehkannya it. Otsuka Indonesia will continue to meet the needs of consumers by producing and delivering high quality services. Otsuka Indonesia has the motto i.e. it reads as follows: Otsuka, creating new products, to better health for the world. Otsuka Indonesia is a company that is constantly innovating, Otsuka Indonesia is a company that continually make improvements and improved quality of products and services are continuously doing. Otsuka Indonesia always committed to provide the best for its customers, to fulfill what the needs of its customers, Otsuka Indonesia will always attempt to seoptimal may be to our satisfaction the customer. Otsuka Indonesia supported by reliable human resources as well as superior, capable human resources for competitiveness reasons defenseless human resources owned by Otsuka Indonesia has the competence and dedication is high, because the folks at Otsuka Indonesia is people who are experts in their fields, respectively. For that's the Otsuka, with human resources which have it, will be able to provide the best service to its customers, and also produces high quality products that are able to meet customer needs and then be satisfied of the service provided by Otsuka Indonesia. Otsuka Indonesia have values which later became culture for Otsuka Indonesia integrated, where the values in between Otsuka Indonesia always focus on customers, Otsuka Indonesia must have the attitude of discipline that's honest and has intregitas, Otsuka Indonesia must have a solid cooperation and synergize, Otsuka Indonesia must practice an attitude of openness and then have good communication and also a good coordination , Otsuka Indonesia always has the actualization and also creativity, Otsuka Indonesia will always continue to learn to develop themselves and also share the spreading of science. Source: Otsuka Indonesia

Latest Jobs Otsuka Indonesia Position: Pharmacist Requirements: Maximum age 27 years Minimum GPA of 2.75 Understanding computer Ms. Office Have knowledge of cGMP, CPOB, PIC/s, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 Have a 1 year experience in manufacturing company Has the ability to Speak or write an oral United Kingdom Have the ability to communicate well, think conceptually power, power analysis, and thought leadership Willing to be stationed in MACE – POOR – EAST JAVA Vacancies closed on August 31, 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via online and for more information you can see through the Ub or UPKK please click here
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