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Jobs Vacancies Accounting Supervisor on PT. JNI Mitrajaya

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We initiate our business in 1998 in Surabaya as a company that distributes products toiletries to our business partners such as hotels, restaurants, ketering, hospitals, and office buildings. With the development of rapid, moment PT. JNI Mitrajaya is one of the leading distributors in the HOSPITALITY business which provides a wide range of culinary products, cakes, drinks, tissue and dispensernya to cleaning products with logistic facilities in Surabaya and Malang. Our Organization has experienced many changes since the beginning of the stand, but the values that we have in our regular business, where we maintain with integrity is always trying to provide the best service with high quality products, fast response, and timely delivery.

Vision: The main business partners and trusted in the HOSPITALITY business. Mission: 1. Continue to improve and refine our systems. 2. provide a wide range of quality products. 3. to provide a reliable service. Value: 1. quick response. 2. On time delivery. 3. Serve with integrity.

Our operations are open from Monday-Friday, 08.00 – 17.00 WIB. If you are interested in our products and services or if you have any questions, please contact us at: SURABAYA Office Address: Jl. Greges Jaya II/Kav. 8B No. Route A23 Warehouse Address: Jl. Greges Jaya II/Kav. 8B No. A5 Surabaya 60183 East Java, Indonesia Phone: + 62 31 7495605 Fax: + 62 31 7495606 Email: MALANG Office and warehouse address: JL. Pakisjajar 24 Sub Fern The hapless 65154 East Java, Indonesia Phone: + 62 341 796176 Fax: + 62 341 796177 Email:

JOB REQUIREMENT Woman/Man Age max 35 Yrs Education Min D3 Accounting Acc Supervisor experience min 3 Yrs Could make financial reports Has the soul of Leadership Placement Of Surabaya
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