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This company is the leading producer of thermal coal and the second largest in Indonesia, to now being able to operate the largest single coal mine at the same time as the main supplier of thermal coal in the world market. Adaro Energy was established in Indonesia in 2004 which was originally named PT Padang Karunia with status as a limited company. Along with the structural changes and the dynamics of the company then since April 18, 2008, Padang Karunia changed its name to PT Adaro Energy Tbk, this effort in preparation for becoming a public company carrying out the vision to be a coal mining company and the largest and most integrated energy efficient in Southeast Asia. Adaro Energy along its subsidiaries engaged in ruanglingkup coal mining and trading businesses, infrastructure and the logistics of the coal, and mining contractor. Each subsidiary is positioned as an independent producer of profit in order to produce and supply the coal berkesinanmbungan, reliable, able to compete also mengoptimalan the value of shareholders. Each subsidiary be producer of profit (profit center) self-contained so that it can contribute optimally to the creation of added value in addition to the high quality of the services provided for Adaro in the future. Adaro Energy strengthens binisnisnya i.e. by making its own subsidiary company as a public company in order to support growth and development even further. Andaro Energy responsibility in providing a large coal reserves, with asset quality supported up to being able to support their operations, such as transporting pathway along 75km connecting the quarry with the Kelanis facility destruction in coal terminal in the island and the sea. In addition, through its subsidiary, Adaro Energy has a complete mining instruments including, drilling machines, Bulldozers, Trucks, Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Trucks, Vessels, Head Dollys, Wheel Dozers, Excavators, Graders, Articulated Crushers, etc. Based on the understanding that the mining industry is a highly deregulated industry. This requires a system checklist and balances to ensure that companies act with reasonable, responsible, accountable, and transparent. Since becoming a public company in 2008, which requires raising the standard of the peusahaan, especially with regard to disclosure and accountability. Adaro Energy was always committed to improving quality is not just for the benefit of stakeholders, but also to ensure long-term operation. One of the hallmarks belonging to Adaro Energy, in terms of share ownership are not owned or controlled by one family or the Government. The company dikendalikn by the group composed of the five families and individuals who do not have direct control. Each party acts respectively so as to allow a balanced control system where every decision has been generally considered mature. In addition, the controlling shareholder is composed of founder and executive ranks of PT Astra International Tbk, one of Indonesia's most respected conglomerate. Vision: Being a group of mining and energy of Indonesia. Mission: Satisfying customers ' needs Partnership with suppliers Support the development of society and the State Give priority to safety and environmental sustainability Develop employees Maximizing value for Shareholders Source: Adaro Energy

Adaro Energy's Latest Jobs Position: MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OFFICER Requirements: Industrial-Engineering undergraduate GPA of 3.00 Graduated from the Management Trainee multinational companies are welcome to sign up. Min. 2 years has experience in PDCA system. Have knowledge of PDCA-PICA system. Have knowledge of quality management System Improvement. Have experience in report writing language of United Kingdom. Fluent in the language of the United Kingdom is a must. Vacancies closed on August 31, 2015. If you are interested, please submit your application via email and for information on how to apply for more information click here
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