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Jobs Vacancies Engineering Staff Indonesia Nippon Seiki PT

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ABOUT COMPANY PT. Indonesia Nippon Seiki company PMA Japan engaged in the automotive field (two-wheel vehicle Speedometer and four) in Serang, Banten. Also, Nippon Seiki is one of the world's leading technology companies are making of the speedometer, the instrument panel and electrical parts from the vehicle. We provide innovative technology and comprehensive know how benefits customers around the world. Our philosophy of sustainable development represents the strong determination and combined with the talent, creativity and dedication of our people is key to our efforts to achieve the highest standards of our products. VISION With the motto of first quality, we make quality and trust that can meet customer needs, quality in apply in all stages, from the plan of new models, production, sales and service The MISSION of the As a company that produces electric motor vehicle components two and four wheels, then the PT. INDONESIA NIPPON SEIKI is committed to implement and develop environmental improvement activities on an ongoing basis, prevention of pollution, the use of natural resources effectively and efficiently. It is also an effort to comply with the legal and environmental standards of living in Indonesia.

Company History 1979 : PT. KGD Indonesia,Inc. establishment and begin operation test. 1980 : At first, Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd begins the invesment in Indonesia in 1980 through PT. KGD Indonesia, Inc.Shareholders of PT. KGD Indonesia, Inc : 1. Honda Motor Co.,Ltd 35% 2. Stanley Electric Mfg Co.,Ltd 7% 3. Toyo Denso Co.,Ltd 7% 4. Nippon Seiki Co.,Ltd 7% 5. Honda Lock Mfg Co.,Ltd 7% 6. Mitsuba Corporation Mfg Co.,Ltd 7% 7. PT. Federal Motor (Astra Honda Motor) 20% 8. PT. Prospect Motor (Honda Prospect Motor) 5% 9. PT. Indomobil Suzuki International 5% 1982 : Started the production of speedometer in Indonesia on June 1st Speedometer, Ignition, Coil, Key/Horn, Head Lamp/Tail Lamp, and Winker Relay But at the beginning of 2001 the shareholders of PT. KGD Indonesia Inc. has agreed to increase their investment in Indonesia by establishing a new company under their own flag. So, in the year of 2001 Nippon Seiki Co. Ltd officially established PT. Indonesia NS and followed by the liquidation of PT. KGD Indonesia in the year of 2003. 2001 : In November 20th, Nippon Seiki Co. Ltd along with Honda Group which consist of Asian Honda Motor Co. Ltd., PT. Astra Honda Motor and PT. Honda Prospect Motor together established a manufacture company, with the main product of Speedometer, Fuel Unit, and Speed Sensor named PT. Indonesia NS. Desember 12th, established PT. Indonesia NS. Shareholders of PT. Indonesia NS: 1. Nippon Seiki Co. Ltd 70%(Japan) 2. Asian Honda Motor 20%(Thailand) 3. PT. Astra Honda Motor 5%(Indonesia) 4. PT. Honda Prospect Motor 5%(Indonesia) The composition of the Board of Directors and the Board of Commissioner of PT. Indonesia NS for the first time is as follows : 1. Board Of Directors : a. President Director :Masaharu Takano b. Director :Yoichi Hojo c. Director :Hitoshi Yoshikawa 2. Board Of Commissioners : a. President of Commissioners :Shoji Nagai b. Commissioner :Takashi Nagatsuka c. Commissioner :Tomio Nasu Total paid up capital US$ 1,500,000.00 2002 : January, startied the production with the facility of PT. KGD Indonesia Inc. July, the production is fully on behalf of PT. Indonesia NS November 6th, the shareholder Meeting has decided to increase their subscribed and paid up capital US$ 1,500,000.00. Total paid up capital US$ 3,000,000.00. • PT. Indonesia NS, Starting Production New Model for Honda type ANF & AND. • Total Sales Amount Rp. 168.070.400.000,-. • Quantity 1.465.400 units speedometer. • Numbers of Employee 144 persons. 2003 : March 31th, the liquidation of PT. KGD Indonesia. June 4th, the company held the second Shareholder Meeting which is for the first time the shareholder meeting is convened in the company, has decided to replace the director, Mr. Yoichi Hojo with Mr. Yasuhiro Kikuta. So the composition of Board of Directors has changed as follows : a. Presiden Director : Masaharu Takano b. Direktur : Hitoshi Yoshikawa c. Direktur : Yasuhiro Kikuta • Total Sales Amount Rp. 226.239.800.000,- • Quantity 1.645.400 units speedometer. • Numbers of Employee 489 persons. 2004 : March 18th, the Shareholder Meeting has decided to Alteration of company name from “PT. Indonesia NS” to “PT. Indonesia Nippon Seiki”, starting from the above date. May 28th, to support the production, purchasing a land and build an new factory, the Shareholder Meeting has decided to increase the authorized, subscribed and paid up capital US$ 1,500,000.00. Total paid up capital US$ 4,500,000.00. July 19th, to increase production capacity and speed up localization, the Shareholder Meeting has decided and agreed to purchase a land as wide as 80.370 m2, Site location : Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande, Barengkok Village, Cikande Sub district, Serang City, Banten Province. • October, start building the new factory. • Total Sales Amount Rp. 383.182.100.000,- • Quantity 2.786.206 units speedometer. • Numbers of Employee 700 persons. 2005 : • January until April, production at old factory. • May, started the transition to the new factory. • The Company move from Jl. Siliwangi Kel. Keroncong Kec. Jatiuwung, Tangerang to Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande, village Barengkok, Kibin, Serang, Banten. • June, started the production in new factory. • Total Sales Amount Rp. 576.288.900.000,- • Quantity 3.800.200 units spedoometer. • Numbers of Employee 851 persons.

Engineering Staff Company Logo Indonesia Nippon Seiki PT - Indonesia Nippon Seiki PT Serang Industry: Automotive & Component Automobile Manufacturing Function: Engineering / Technician

JOB REQUIREMENT Male Education min D3/S1. Department of electronics engineering/mechanical engineering/electrical engineering Have a basic knowledge of electronics (industry) Have the capability of drawing min. Auto Cad 2D and 3D Have the capability of progam PLC.
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