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Jobs From Santos Jaya Abadi Position Product Development Program & Improvement

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PT Abadi Jaya Santos is one of the many companies that are incorporated in the Kapal Api Group. The company first started its business from home – industry unbranded coffee powder in 1927 on a road Stage No. 9, Surabaya. The company's rapid growth demanded larger production facilities. In 1979 Santos Jaya Abadi moved into Highway 159, Historical Parks Along, Sidoarjo. With over seventy years of experience in the production of coffee, the company put the professionalism at the top of the list without neglecting the family culture. The progress of the company from the day it was founded until today is the result of three generations of evolution, with each generation contributing significant effects against an increase in the company's performance. Generation 1 As the founder of the initial idea was to start in the home business industry – in coffee. Everything is done with and within the family, from the manufacture of coffee to sell it into the market. Generation 2 As this generation's successor, began expanding the business by bringing modern production machinery and equipment. In addition, the marketing strategies were also developed through conducting promotional products by using posters, banners, advertising, bazaar and electronic media. 3rd generation This generation brought in improvements and lead change to become a world class company. PT Abadi Jaya Santos produces Steamer Coffee, ABC, Good Day, Excelso, Captain Ceremix, Yes and cereals. Source: Santos Jaya Abadi

Latest Jobs Santos Jaya Abadi Position: Product Development Program & Improvement Requirements: Male The maximum age is 25 years A Graduate Degree In Industrial Engineering Have knowledge about motion and time study Can work together with the team Vacancies closed on 12 September 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via email and for more information can be seen through the Career Center's Maranatha (Maranatha University) or click here.
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