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Latest Heinz Jobs Vacancies ABC Indonesia Position Food Technologist

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Since 1869, Henry John Heinz as Heinz tries to introduce its first products in glass bottles, he set a new standard for outstanding product quality, food safety and transparency which became characteristic of Heinz. The world has welcomed families of products Heinz into their homes for more than 140 years. Health and welfare, two words that always becomes the company's commitment in maintaining the tradition of nourishing, as always Heinz offer and promote as The Pure Foods Company. HJ Heinz Company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the most food companies worldwide and is based in the us. Heinz products into well-known product brand icon on six continents, spread over 200 countries around the world. Heinz expansion product marketing to consumers of U.S. Foodservice, North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Heinz was able to sell 650 million bottles of Heinz Ketchup every year and for the millions of families around the world. The main products include Heinz Ketchup, sauces, snacks, food and baby food. Of the many products that Heinz offer has advantages as well as Heinz Ketchup that balanced low-fat, high in flavor, and healthy as well as antioxidants. Heinz also committed to impart on each of its products, healthy food that meets the needs of the body, low sodium, gluten free foods, functional foods and fortified nutrition, halal food is also the Elimination of fat levels. No wonder Heinz Ketchup and favorite choice in the world. Heinz keep jualitas their products using the best ingredients, sourced from all over the world, to produce unparalleled. Heinz consistently understand the power of food which is capable of connecting everyone, unite cultures and enrich daily life. Through the experience of belonging to the company during this time as a leading manufacturer in the world that uphold the values of health, food, pure is simple and fast. All elements of the company always worked hard in creating new products, improve our original ideas and innovative in developing nutritious foods for the benefit of the world community. Heinz realized that consumers are valuable partners, and large investments that are able to provide the growth potential of the company. Heinz offers a range of programs to improve the health of 32.200 karyawanya scattered throughout the world. Ranging from health and fitness exhibition activities in the form of programs promoting physical activity, education about the benefits of healthy eating to a campaign which aims to provide assistance to 10 million free micronutrients children living in developing countries by 2010. HJ Heinz Company has given a positive impact for society through programs of non-profit who always promote the health, nutrition and well being of children and families. As the trusted leader in nutrition and wellness, Heinz Pure Food Company dedicated solely to sustainable healthcare for the people of the world. HJ Heinz Company embracing the ideas of the individual wherever located, of the Heinz Innovation Company created for consumers and customers in simplifying the needs at once into creative solutions. Heinz Company giving commitment, improving the quality of production of the accountability and balancing between short term plans and long-term as a form of integrity based on the highest ethical standards and ensure that the product is Heinz Company is a product that has the highest quality. Source: ABC Heinz Indonesia PT.

Is The Latest Heinz Jobs ABC Indonesia Position: Food Technologist Requirements: University graduate major in food engineering or chemistry technologi Have experience in developing products for 3-5 years Problem solver, committed, good commercial, mind in planning organizing &, both in private & adaptation The use of food additives, famous sensory good in taste, the analytical capabilities of the product Vacancies closed 19 September 2015. If you are interested, send the application via online and for more information you can see through JobStreet or please click here
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