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Loker Surakarta Terbaru Bank BTPN Tbk

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Profile Bank BTPN Tbk

Loker SurakartaBank BTPN Tbk, have traveled long, since it was founded in Bandung, West Java in 1958, and later changed its name in 1986 to be Retired National Savings Bank. Bank BTPN Tbk start listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2008 and a year later to add business financing for micro enterprises completes the portfolio of pension banking services. Aware of the current challenges, that companies are required to change the way of doing business, wedecided to take it a step further, by creating and launching the "Power" in 2011. Based on the business philosophy "opportunity at once Calls", power comes with offers an opportunity to all stakeholders to participate in Bank BTPN Tbk mission is empowering millions of mass market in Indonesia. Like the pieces of a coin has two sides that are inseparable, the empowerment program is the element which is integrated with our business model.In all products and activities, we always strive to create opportunities to grow and live a more meaningful tothe whole customer Bank BTPN Tbk. In Bank BTPN Tbk, we believe that the public of all layers have a desire to achieve a more meaningful life. Through our business running, we are providing access, information and training that can help them to gain the eagerness. 
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Update 16 Desember 2014
Posisi : Accounting Officer
  • Responsible for processing the data is bothreconciliation and make financial reporting for bothinternal and external purposes
  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana. S1.
  • Jurusan Akuntansi.
  • Mempunyai pengalaman minimal 3 tahun di bidang terkait.
  • Mempunyai tingkat ketelitian dan akurasi yang tinggi.
  • Mampu menganalisa dan serta bisa menerapkan dalam laporan yang terstruktur.
  • Fasih berkomunikasi dalam bahasa Inggris aktif.

Date line tanggal 18 Desember 2014.  Segera kirim aplikasi lamarn kerja anda lengkap beserta CV dan poto terbaru melalui sumber lowongan dibawah ini, hanya kandidat terpilih yang akan dihubungi, unuk keterangan lebih lanjut bisa mengunjungi sumber lowongan dibawah ini.
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