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Loker Surakarta Terbaru Bank Danamon Indonesia

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Profile Of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia

Loker Surakarta  Bank Danamon was founded in 1956 under the name of PT Bank Copra Indonesia [2]. In 1976 the name of the bank was changed to PT Bank Danamon Indonesia [2].The Bank became the first bank which pioneered theexchange of foreign currency in 1976 [2] and listed its shares on the stock exchange since 1989 [2].

In 1997, as a result of the financial crisis in Asia, Bank Danamon liquidity difficulties and eventually by the Government were put under the supervision of the AGENCY or the Indonesian bank restructuring Agency(in United Kingdom, better known as IBRAHIMOVICas a Bank which was taken over by the Government (BTO  Banks Take Over) [2]. In 1999 the Governmentthrough IBRA, recapitalized the Bank Danamon amounted to Rp 32 billion in the form of Government Debt (Government Bonds). In the same year, some banks BTO finally merged into one with Bank Danamon as one part of a plan for restructuring IBRA[2].

In 2000, Bank Danamon with bank into its wingswidened the lead in merging other BTO Banks 8. At this time that Bank Danamon emerged as one of theeconomic pillars in Indonesia.

In the next three years, Bank Danamon underwentmassive restructuring from the areas of management, human resources, organization, information systems, budget base and the company's logo. Great effortcarried out fruitful results in this form the Foundationand infrastructure for Bank Danamon in its goal to achieve maximum growth based on transparency of work, responsibility to the community, integrity as one of the economic pillars in Indonesia and a professionalattitude in carrying out his duty as one of the largest banks in Indonesia (or better known as the TRIP).

In 2003, Bank Danamon was acquired a majorityownership stake held by a consortium of Asia FinanceIndonesia [2]  under the control of Singapore's Temasek Holdings. With new management, thepresence of dicanangkanlah stylist replicates the business model and strategy of Bank Danamon in hisefforts to continue to make changes to a designalready in total are designed to make the Bank Danamon as one of Indonesia's leading national bankand the bank a major player in the Asian region.

Since the year 2008, Bank Danamon which became known by the name of Danamon Indonesia societybegan moving through the campaign "for you, it could be". Even as early as 2010, Danamon launched theSpirit can. Season 1 of the spirit can be broadcast byTrans 7 as well as guided by Pandji Pragiwaksono and season 2 aired by Global TV and was hosted by SorayaHylmi.

Lowongan Kerja Bank Danamon Indonesia Terbaru

Update 03 Desember 2014
  • IT Core Banking (EOD Support)
  • IT Core Banking (Application Support)


  • Pria.
  • Pendidikan minimal Diploma D3 atau sarjana S1.
  • Jurusan Teknik Sistem Informasi Informatika.
  • Nilai IPK minimal 3,00 pada skala point 4.
  • Menguasai dasar SQL Query.
  • Sanggup bekerja dalam sistem pergeseran.
  • Lancar berbahasa Inggris baik lisan maupun tulisan.
  • Gaji antara 3 – 6 juta / bulan.
  • Status outsourcing.

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