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Loker Surakarta Terbaru PT Wika Gedung

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Profile PT.Wika Building

Loker Surakarta  PT Wijaya Karya, About The Company and History WIKA was formed from the process of nationalization of companies Netherlands named NaamlozeVennotschap Technische Handel Maatschappij enBouwbedijf en Vis co. or NV Vis en co. based on Government Regulation No. 2 of 1960 and thedecision letter of the Minister of public works andElectricity (PUTL) No. 5 dated March 11, 1960, with thename of the company State the building Karja Widjaja.Business activities of WIKA at that time was the workof electrical and plumbing installation. In the early1960s, WIKA contributing as well as in the construction project of the sports Rink Bung Karno in order of organizing Games of the New Emerging Forces (GANEFO) and the 4th Asian Games in Jakarta.

Over time, different stages of development is oftenundertaken to continue to grow and become part of the devotion to the development of the nation through WIKA services construction that spread across the country.

The first significant development was in 1972, where at that time the company name the country the building Karja Widjaja changed into PT Wijaya Karya. WIKA later evolved into a construction contractor with handling various important projects such as the installation of the electricity network in the Asahan and Jatiluhur irrigation projects.

A decade later, in 1982, WIKA expansion Division with the establishment of several new divisions, namely the Division of General Civil, Building Division, Division, Division Boards Means Concrete and Metal Products,Construction Industries Division, Division of Energy, and Department of Commerce. Projects handled that moment such as the building, the building of Bukopin LIPI, and building projects and the Irrigated. In addition, growing kids company in the sector of the construction industry makes company WIKA integrated infrastructure and synergize.

The skills of the personnel WIKA in the construction industry has pushed the company to deepen the different fields of investments by developing some of the subsidiary in order to be able to stand on its ownas a specialist in creating enterprise products respectively. In 1997, founding a WIKA firstsubsidiaries, namely PT Wijaya Karya concrete, reflect the rapid development of Concrete Products DivisionsWIKA at that time.

PT Wijaya Karya Concrete activities that includeprocurement of railroad Street pads for the construction of double-track lines Manggarai, Jakarta,and the construction of the PLTGU Bridge CableStayed and Grati Barelang Batam. PT Wijaya KaryaConcrete step was followed by the establishment of PT Wijaya Karya Realty in 2000 as a Development Division of Realty. In the same year founded PT Wijaya KaryaIntrade's wagering platform as well as the development of industry and Trade Division.

The development of the company, the higher the level of public confidence towards the company'scapabilities. This is reflected in the success of WIKA dothe IPO (Initial Public Offering/IPO) on October 27,2007 at the Indonesia stock exchange (then known asJakarta Stock Exchange). In the IPO, WIKA undoing28,46 percent of its shares to the public, so that the Government of the Republic of Indonesia holds 68,42percent stake, while the rest is owned by the public, including employees, through Employee/ManagementStock Option Program (E/MSOP), and Employee StockAllocation (ESA).

Mean while, the Development Division into a subsidiary which stood on its own feet is continuously performed. In 2008 the WIKA subsidiary PT Wijaya Karya building that has specialized in the field ofbusiness development high rise building. WIKA also acquired 70,08 percent stake to PT Pertiwi Insan Chessmoves in the fields of mechanical-electrical. Then the name of PT Catur Insan Earth was changed to PT Wijaya Karya Insan Naqvi. In 2009, along with PT Jasa Sarana and RMI, established PT Wijaya Karya JabarPower that is engaged in the construction of ageothermal power plant (PLTP).

In mid-2009, together with other company WIKA is successfully completing the Suramadu bridge, aprestigious project that connects the island of Java with Madura island. Now that project benefits have been felt by the public at large.

Entering 2010, WIKA dealing with a changing business environment with greater challenges. To that end,WIKA has prepared a new vision, that VISION 2020 to become one of the best integrated EPC and investment in Southeast Asia. This vision is believed tobe able to give direction to all ranks of WIKA to achieve growth that is more optimal, healthy andsustainable.

Throughout the year 2012, WIKA is successfully completing the project power plant consisting of: Gaspower plant Forms, 60MW, Gas Engine power plant Rengat, 21MW Diesel power plant, Ambon, 34MW.

In 2013, the company established a joint venture, PTPrima the Terminal Container with PT Pelindo I and PT(Persero) Hutam

Lowongan Kerja PT Wika Gedung Terbaru

Update 05 Desember 2014
POSISI : Management Trainee

  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana S1.
  • Jurusan yang dibutuhkan seperti dibawah ini:
  • Teknik elektro.
  • Akuntansi.
  • Psikologi.
  • Teknik sipil
  • Teknik Arsitektur.
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan diwilayah operasional WIKA Gedung diseluruh Indonesia.

Date line tanggal 19 Desember 2014.  Segera daftarkan diri anda secara online di alamat MT Wika GedungCDC UNS.  Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan mengunjungi sumber lowongan dibawah ini, hanya kandidat terpilih yang akan dihubungi.
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