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Loker Surakarta Terbaru PT Sinar Sosro

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PT Sinar Sosro's Profile

Loker Surakarta - Sinar Sosro, a company, a company engaged in the field of beverages mainly made from tea, drink that includes soft drinks. In Indonesia, PT Sinar Sosro are companies ready to drink teas in bottle the first time around. Products from PT Sinar Sosro among others: Bottle Tea, Fruit Tea, Green Tea, Joy and others.

The first time the creation of tea bottles by Sosrodjojo family is the first milestone of the company Sosro, precisely in 1940. Started his business in a small town named Slawi area in Central Java, so the family started the business step Sosrodjojo. First time start thebusiness, the products sold were dried tea with brandbrand brand Tea Tea Bottle Cap, bottle Cap that is deployed is still in an area of Central Java. It has been very popular in region of Central Java, in 1953, the family would like to expand its business with Sosrodjojo develop wings to areas of the capital Jakarta, want to explore the venture in Jakarta capital region.

Strategy "Jeep taste" is a form of travel Sosro promote yourself to various markets in the city of Jakarta. By the way, go to the markets to introduce Tea Bottle Capthrough the way of cooking and BREW Tea directly in place, so the initial step Sosro penetrated markets in Jakarta. And it turns out that way is less successful because the tea is brewed too hot and the process has become too long that visitor in the market who are willing to taste it so does not want to trigger off a long wait. The first way is not successful, the second way is encouraged. Tea is not brewed on the spot or directmarket, but put into a pot-a big pot for later brought to market are transported by car open backs.However, again and again, the second way was less successfully held, because some lots have been spilledon the way to the market from the Office. Then came the idea to bring a tea that is brewed in the Office, packed into jars that have been sterilized. Well, thisturned out to be the last way new interest for visitorsin addition to the practical can be drunk directly without the need to wait for such a way previously (without the need to wait for the tea at the Cook first).The idea to sell the tea ready consumed in bottle was created in 1969, and then in 1974, forming PT. SinarSosro.

PT Sinar Sosro take raw material production comes from the tea plantations of Mount Rosa in Cianjur Of Cianjur, mount in Cempaka Beads in Cianjur, Garut, Satria in Mountain areas in Garut Neglasari, Sambawain Tasikmalaya district, local and Cukul in Pangalengan. To produce, PT Sinar Sosro has 10factories spread across several regions in Indonesia, namely: in Cakung, East Jakarta area, Tambun andCibitung in West Java, Banten, in the area of Pandeglang Serdang and Uragan in Central Java,Gresik and Mojokert in East Java, Palembang in South Sumatra region, and in the area of Bali. As already known, the product that was produced by Ray Sosroinclude: Bottled Tea, Teabag Sosro Sosro, Joy Green Tea, Fruit Tea, TEBS SUNDAY, S-Tee, and Prim-A (Mineral water), Happy juice, Country Choice (fruit juices).

In the manufacture of products for the consumer, PT Sinar Sosro have basic or a philosophy, and it is the good will of the company for its customers, the philosophy is: quality care with Sinar Sosro, Sinar Sosro care about security, health care with Sinar Sosro and Sinar Sosro, friendly to the environment.

The resulting production philosophy which is usefulfor the consumer. Which are the raw materials of the product water bottle: Tea, sugar industry and green tea blended with jasmine flowers and flower Gambier (known as the fragrant tea). While the raw material of Fruit Tea: water, sugar industry, tea, fruit juice concentrates and black original. And Joy Green Tea:water, sugar industry and green tea.

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Lowongan Kerja PT Sinar Sosro Terbaru 

Update 14 Desember 2014
Posisi : Analis Kimia
Persyaratan :

  • Pria.
  • Usia tidak lebih dari 25 tahun.
  • Belum menikah.
  • Pendidikan minimal SMK, D3, S1.
  • Jurusan Teknik Kimia, Analis Kimia, Biologi, Teknologi Pangan, Teknologi Hasil Pertanian.
  • Komunikatif, disiplin, dan loyalitas tinggi.
  • Bersedia untuk bekerja dengan sistem shift.
  • Bisa bekerja sama dengan sebuah team.
  • Faham tentang program Microsoft Office, dengan aplikasi excel, power point, dll.

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Manager Personalia dan Umum KPB Tambun – PT Sinar Sosro KPB Tambun, Jl. Diponegoro KM. 39, Desa Jatimulia, Tambun Bekasi – 17510
atau melalui alamat Email :
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