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Profile Mega Syirah

Loker Surakarta  Mega Syirah, starting from PT Tugu public Bank (Bank Tugu). Public bank that was established on 14 July 1990 it acquired CT Corpora —formerly The Group — through The Global Investindoand PT, PT Investama Colleagues in 2001. Since the beginning, the shareholders do want to convert conventional public bank became a public banksyariah. The desire was fulfilled when Bank Indonesiapermit Bank monument was converted to PT Bank Syariah Mega Indonesia (BSMI) on July 27, 2004.Unique conversion is recorded in Indonesia's banking history as the first unique conversion efforts of conventional public bank became a public bank syariah.

On 25 August 2004, the BSMI official operation. Nearly three years later, on November 7, 2007, the shareholders decided to change the logo shape CRESCENT to form the logo of commercial banks which became a sister company of his, namely PT Bank Mega, Tbk., but different colors.From November 2, 2010 up to now, the bank changed its name to PT Bank Mega Syariah.

To realize the vision of "nation's pride in Islamic banking", CT Corpora as majority shareholder has acommitment and full responsibility for making theBank Mega Syariah as public bank Islamic Sharia banking industry's best nationwide. That commitmentis evidenced by continuing to strengthen the bank'scapital. Therefore, Bank Mega Syariah will be able toprovide the best service in the face of an increasingly tight competition and competitive in the national banking industry. For example, in 2010, in line with itsbusiness growth, through the general meeting of shareholders (GMS), a shareholder increases authorized capital of Rp400 billion to Rp1,2 trillion and paid-in capital increase from Rp150,060 billion toRp318,864 billion. Currently, the paid-in capital reached Rp769,814 billion.

On the other hand, shareholders with a whole range of management of Bank Mega Syariah always work hard,hold fast to the principle of prudence, as well asupholding the principle of openness and professionalism in conducting its business activities. Various products also continue to be developed in accordance with the needs of the community as wellas a banking service infrastrukur supported the more extensive and complete, including a support network across Indonesia 393.

To improve services to the community and reinforcesthe motto "for all of us", in 2008, Bank Mega Syariah began to enter the market for micro banking and pawn. The strategy is to play a role in improving the economy of the majority of people are doing businessin the small and micro enterprise sector.

Since October 16, 2008, Bank Mega Syariah has been aforeign exchange bank. With the status, the bank can conduct transactions of foreign exchange and are involved in international trade. That means, that statushas also been extending the range of the bank's business, so it's not just reach the domestic sphere, but also in the international sphere. Extensions of the market strategy and the status of foreign exchange bank was finally stabilizing the position of Bank Mega Syariah as one of the best public bank syariah in Indonesia.

In addition, on April 8, 2009, Bank Mega Syariah gained permission from the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of religious affairs (Mora RI) as the recipient'sbank deposit costs of organizing Hajj (BPS BPIH). Thus,the bank became a public bank eighth as BPS BPIH connected online with the integrated computerized system Filosofi (Siskohat) Mora RI. It certainly permits a new runway for Bank Mega Syariah to further complement the needs of the people of Indonesia Islamic banking.

Grow and Prosper Along The

Determined to develop the economy of Sharia through the synergy with all stakeholders Spread the values of Islamic virtue and benefit stogether as the commitment in the work and the work Continually improve the skills them  selves and innovateto develop products and services that best suit the needs of the community

Synergy, Integrity, Excellence


Lowongan Kerja Bank Mega Syariah

Update 16 Desember 2014
Posisi : Account Officer – Jakarta
  • Usia tidak lebih dari 30 Tahun
  • Mempunyai pengalaman minimal 1 tahun sebagai AO atau Sales
  • Mempunyai relasi yang cukup luas.
  • Berdomisili di wilayah Jakarta
  • Pendidikan minimal Diploma D3.
  • Semua jurusan.
  • Disiplin dan loyalitas tinggi.

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PT Bank Mega Syariah
Alamat : Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 19 A Jakarta Selatan
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