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Loker Surakarta Terbaru Bank Commonwealth Indonesia

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Profile Of PT Bank Commonwealth

Loker SurakartaCommonwealth Bank Indonesia is a subsidiary of Commonwealth Bank of Australia based in Sydney and is the largest integrated financial services provider in Australia. The presence of Commonwealth Bank Indonesia is part of the long-term strategy of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to develop its business to Asia Pasifk, particularly in Indonesia and China. In Indonesia itself,marked by the opening of representative offices of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 1990. In 1997 the Commonwealth Bank of Australia formed a joint venture company to provide corporate banking services for business entities and other companies ofIndonesia. In 2000, the company became Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as the major shareholder.

In 2007, as part of the development plan of the small and medium Enterprise market (SME), the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia acquires stake in Bank Niaga Artha Kencana (ANK) based in Surabaya with a mastery of the dominant market in the area of East Java. The acquisition has helped the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia to strengthen the SME business and build a wider network in eastern part of Indonesia.

Full banking services

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia provides full banking services. With its position as the leading service provider of Wealth Management, the Bank is also developing its business focus on Retail Bankingservices, SME and Wholesale Banking, by offering financial solutions that are specially designed according to customer needs.

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia offers Retail Banking products and services, which include completeproduct deposits and loans, mutual funds, as well as the bancassurance, aimed at four groups of customers.One of them is among Indonesia's middle class isgrowing rapidly. Three groups of other equally important clients was the segment of high net-worth individuals, SME and whole sale banking. Serving customers through 91 (as of August 31, 2012)Branch Office in 32 major cities in Indonesia,Commonwealth Bank Indonesia is committed to fullyexp and the distribution network. This is in order toserve the growing customer base since the last few years and is expected to increasingly developing. Commonwealth BankIndonesia will continue to increase its presence in order to reach a segment of the middle class inIndonesia. To that end, the Bank adds to the facilities and services of added-value such as an extensive ATM network as well as Internet Banking services forindividual and corporate clients.

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia operates more than141 ATM * (per 30 June 2012) and will continue to beadded. In addition to maintaining the global ATM network with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia ATM service is connected also with the widest ATM network inIndonesia namely ATM Bersama and PRIMA/BCA. Theentire network gives access to more than 40,000 ATMs (as of 30 June 2012) in all regions of Indonesia. Commonwealth Bank Indonesia also offers the convenience of shopping through our partnership with network for GOOD/BCA Debit and Maestro, which enables Commonwealth Bank ATM cards as debit cards used in Indonesia in more than 100,000 stores or seller in Indonesia. Commonwealth Bank ATM card is designed in accordance with the tastes of the Indonesia market segment class intermediate. In addition, Commonwealth Bank Indonesia alsoprovide banking services are convenient, reliable, easy and affordable for customers through Internet Banking and Mobile Banking. This Mobile Banking applicationis the first in Indonesia with an investment feature that makes it easy for customers to buy mutual funds and putting deposits at any time and anywhere.

Excellent Service

In line with the Bank's vision is to be the best financialservices provider in Indonesia through customer service excellence, Commonwealth Bank Indonesia was ranked first among foreign banks and ranking thirdamong all banks in Indonesia in terms of service quality. These results are based on a survey bySynovate, an independent survey company.

Sturdy and confident

In 2010 Fitch Ratings gave a rating of "National long-term AAA with a Stable Outlook" to Commonwealth Bank Indonesia, along with other bank only nine inIndonesia, which shows clearly the Bank's stablefinancial condition. These ratings provide ease for the Commonwealth Bank Indonesia to issue debt instruments in the country in order to finance future growth. In 2011, the Commonwealth Bank Indonesiamanaged to maintain the AAA rating.

As one of the major market commitment.

Lowongan Kerja Bank Commonwealth Terbaru

Update 16 Desember 2014
Posisi : LSS (Lending Support Services) Reviewer

  • Check the (completeness and accuracy) on the creditof all documents relating to legal documents (data of the debtor/Guarantor and the guarantee document, including a legal opinion from the Legal Department,if necessary) and to identify additional documents required for a credit agreement.
  • Make sure all the required documents for the creditalready complete and binding in accordance with the provisions of the Bank, the Bank Indonesia Regulations and provisions of the applicable law in Indonesia was.
  • Monitor the completeness of the documents required by the credit Approval/credit breaker as mentioned incredit approval prior to binding credit. Do the binding order is credit to the notary correctly.
  • Do the instructions: opening, liquefaction, extension, alteration, repayment of the credit facility and other facilities not directly (Bank guarantee, Letter of Credit (L/C), Foreign Exchange Line (FX Line) (LSSReviewer/LSS Support)
  • Monitor credit binding original documents (original covernote, original offering the original letter, a letter to the original installment of the table, and others).
  • Monitor the delivery of the Deed-a deed of Notary PPAT/Notariil to the Bank, by way of always monitor the Document Tracking Tool Covernote Notary.
  • Check and submit the entire deed-a deed of Notariil/PPAT which will be stored in thevault/custodian, Borrowed collateral credit by using the form of borrowing, if any, the addition of a dependent, theextension of the right of SHGB/usage rights and other.
  • Archive all credit documentation, preparing the receipt document and send it to the document storage.
  • Conduct activities efficiently in order to achieve the target resolution time based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that had been agreed upon

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in education.
  • Department of Law of the universities.
  • Have knowledge and experience in law of a minimum of 1 year.
  • Have knowledge and experience in consumer and SMEcredit (debtor and guarantor of PT as well asindividuals) for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Have a good knowledge and understanding of thelaws and regulations of Indonesia BI related to credit and guarantee a minimum of 1 year.

Closing date 08 January 2015. Immediately send your job application full application to the address below:
PT Bank Commonwealth
Alamat : Wisma Metropolitan II, 15th Floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 29-31
Only selected candidates will be contacted for further information, visit the source of vacancies below.
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