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Loker Surakarta Terbaru PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia

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Sharp Electronics Indonesia, PT Profiles

Loker Surakarta - Sharp Electronics Indonesia, a company, a part of Sharp Corporation company. Sharp Corporation is a multinational company that originated in Japan, where Sharp Corporation in addition to designing electronic products are also produced. Sharp Corporation founded in September 1912 in which taking a company name derives from the discovery of one ofits discoverer, Tokuji Hayakawa, where Tokuji Hayakawa managed to find Ever-Sharp mechanicalpencil. Saharp Corporation is the world's fifth largest producer of televisions after Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic. Sharp Electronics Indonesia is a company that is engaged in producing and designing of electronic products in Indonesia.

Sharp has investments in LCD panel factory since 2000.Furthermore in 2004 invest to Kameyama. Furthermorein 2009 to Sakai. Sakai factory is still only a tenth generation in the world and the most fit to be good in the production of sixty inches or larger size panel. However, the financial crisis of 2008 made a strongYen have humbled the world's demand for LCD products in Japan. Then by mid 2011 switch to digital television broadcasts barely selesei in Japan. Furthermore the Government of Japan published acoupon for a digital television, consumers are being led to purchase the specified digital television until March 2011. So give effect in 2011 in Japan marketcollapsing half-dead in 2010. So surely it is veryparalyzing ventures LCD Sharp. Its effects until the autumn the company experienced operational level LCD Sakai which is very low. However, as time went on, conditions are slowly improving.

"Sooth the heart and Creativity", such is the principlerather than the Sharp Electronics CorporationIndonesia. Sharp Electronics Indonesia would like to improve the well-being of humanity through allmanner of products that are innovative and useful for mankind, so Sharp Electronics Indonesia cannotdevelop solely on cuman.

Now, in addition to Sharp products made in Japan alsomade overseas (outside Japan). Sharp in its operational worldwide, where Sharp had a fundamental concept i.e. "we buy parts and materialsin accordance with our needs through a scoring system that is fair and honest and make sure to provide equal opportunity for all companies supplier".

Sharp Corporation will certainly meet all legal, social standards, and regulations and will improverelationships with suppliers and partners, and thus is about procurement activities of Sharp Corporation. Sharp Corpration surely want the prices that can be reached by market competition and able to provideopportunities that open with no sorting or sifting through siding to the supplier as preferred. Sharp Corporation will build the partners in mutually beneficial symbiosis or mutualisme. Sharp Corporationhas its basic philosophy of the environment including: Creating environmental awareness of the company willrefer to creativity and sincerity.

Sharp Corporation organizes the development ofproducts and operational effort to care for the environment. Sharp Corporation within the framework of the principles in the company by increasingactivities operationalize protection of the environment by establishing a joint supplier partners with emphasis on procurement activities that care about the environment by way of purchase of materials and parts that are friendly to the environment. products from Sharp surely guaranteed mutunya and superior. Sharp Corporation has a technology mostforeground, where suppliers are welcome to controlstrict and can be guarded secrets that they get fromprocurement activities and not only will disseminate information on the significance of the presence of tanno permission from Sharp Corporation. Certainly requested supplier to be able to maintain the commitment of the delivery and provision of material and consequently the stable part Sharp Corporation is able to provide a stable product to our customers as well as Sharp wherever located.

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Lowongan Kerja PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia Terbaru

Update 14 Desember 2014
Posisi : Supervisor Regulation (SNI)
Job Desk :
  • Usia antara 30-35 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal Diploma D3 atau Sarjana S1.
  • Jurusan Teknik Listrik atau Elektronik, Teknik Industri atau setara.
  • Mempunyai 3 tahun berpengalaman kerja di bidang terkait.
  • Faham mengenai standar produk seperti SNI, IEC, dll.
  • Faham tentang peraturan produk.
  • Lancar dalam berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Inggris baik lisan maupun tulisan.

Date line tanggal 20 Desember 2014.  Segera kirimkan aplikasi lamaran kerja anda beserta CV dan foto terbaru ke alamat e-mail : 
atau alamat : 
PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia
Jl.Swadaya IV, Kel. Rawa Terate, Cakung, Jakarta Timur
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