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Loker Surakarta Terbaru Toyota-Astra Motor

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Profile PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM)

Loker Surakarta PT Toyota-AstraMotor (TAM) is the sole agent for the sale of a variety of branded vehicles Toyota in Indonesia. TAM is owned by Astra International and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), each of which holds the share ownership of 51% and 49%. Most of the national distribution of power Toyota managed directly through the Toyota Sales Operation (TSO), or more commonly known by the community with the name Auto2000, which is wholly owned by Astra. As the largest Toyota dealer, Auto2000 is responsible for about 75% of sales of Toyota and play an important role in keeping the leadership of the national automotive market in a Toyota.

Corporate Philosophy (Catur Dharma)

Belong to that are beneficial to the nation and the State
Provide the best service to the customers
Respect the individual and Fostering Cooperation
Always trying to Achieve the best


Be one of the companies with the best management in the Asia Pacific region with an emphasis on sustainable growth with the development of competencies through the development of human resources, a solid financial structure, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Being a company that had a social responsibility as well as environmentally friendly.


Shared prosperous nation by delivering the best valueto our stakeholders.

Lowongan Kerja Toyota-Astra Motor Terbaru

Update 13 Desember 2014
POSISI : Toyota-Astra Motor University Leadership Internship Program (TULIP)

  • Pendididkan Sarjana semester 8.
  • Jurusan Ekonomi / Manajemen Bisnis, Statistik / Matematika, Teknik (Industri, Teknik, dll).
  • Nilai IPK kumulatif minimal 3,00 pada skala 4,00.
  • Aktif dalam kegiatan organisasi.
  • Bersedia untuk mengambil 3 bulan penuh waktu magang.
  • Lokasi magang di Jakarta.

Date line tanggal 31 Desember 2014.  Segera kirimkan CV terbaru Anda, surat lamaran, transkrip akademik dengan format .pdf dan foto terbaru dengan format .jpg,  kirim ke alamat email 
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