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Latest Jobs Universal Tekno Reksajaya Position ADMINISTRATION

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PT Reksajaya Tekno is a Universal Company remanufacturing components of heavy equipment that serves as the peremaja components of heavy equipment into components that can be reused with quality equivalent to new products, so as to help suppress the customer's operating costs (in this case heavy equipment users). PT Reksajaya Tekno formerly Universal is one of the Department's service division of PT United Tractors Tbk. with a location to plant the first (and second) built at that plant was Soweto and Jakarta. PT Universal Reksajaya Technology that was originally named UT Reman has stood since 2006 with the primary form of remanufacturing policies in the field of small and medium machines. After going through various processes, in July 2011, stood Tekno Universal PT Reksajaya (UTR) which has the meaning of "a remanufacturing Company uses high-tech farming out various types of heavy equipment products, with principled on mutually beneficial cooperation between producers, customers, and stakeholders". Long before the UTR was inaugurated, in November 2009, UTR have met the standard of ISO 9001:2008, and up to now already have 7 (seven) the location of the plant that proves that the UTR has implemented a quality management system which is good and care against the wishes of the customer, so the UTR can be a solution in a wide range of problems experienced by owners of heavy equipment. UTR focuses on heavy equipment component remanufacturing that allows units owned customers achieve optimum productivity and lifetime by providing superior component management solutions. Products include UTR Rebuild components (refurbished, remanufacturing, reconditioning, repair, be reused), Component Fabrication, and Maintenance components are supported by competent human resources in production and management components. As for the business Segmentation UTR handle include: Remanufacturing: the process of rejuvenation of the component to get the functionality and performance of the approach the new condition. The process of remanufacturing in UTR has been certified ISO 9001:2008 and every stage of the process is carried out to strict quality control. General Fabrication: UTR also handles all sorts of types of fabrication such as Dump Linering Vessel, Vessel Repair, Line Boring, etc. Maintenance: with a competent workforce, reliable, professional, and certified, UTR ready fixing, take care, and keep heavy equipment components owned by the customer. Source: PT Universal Tekno Reksajaya

Latest Jobs Universal Tekno Reksajaya Position: ADMINISTRATION Dept. Heads (ADH) Requirements: Degree In Industrial Engineering/Accounting/Management Willing placed throughout Indonesia Smoothly using the computer (minimum of Ms Word, Ms Excell, pp.. Power Point) Fluently communicate in the language of United Kingdom Derived from leading universities with accreditation at least a minimum 3.00 GPA of B and The maximum age is 26 years old TB minimum 160 cm with BB proportional Vacancies closed on August 20, 2015. If you are interested, send the application via online and for more information you can see through the Virtue of Astra or please click here
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