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Latest Jobs ABC President Of Indonesia Position Sales Areas

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Profile ABC President of Indonesia in September 1991, PT ABC President Indonesia stands as a form of cooperation between PT ABC Central Food from Indonesia and Uni-President Enterprises Corporation of Taiwan. the ABC brand is already fairly long embedded in the memories of Indonesia society as a product of high quality and is one of the market leaders food and drinks in Indonesia. ABC provides a wide range of product categories for household consumption, and wished to continue expanding its business fields to the kinds of foods and other drinks. PT ABC President Indonesia has a factory covering an area of 7 hectares located in Karawang, West Java. Early on in the establishment, the company only produces a few hundred thousand cartons of noodles alone. . PT ABC President of Indonesia is now known as one of the best producers of mi in Indonesia. MI ABC became the market leader in the category of spicy noodles. In line with the challenges of the market, PT ABC President Indonesia develop its business in the fast tea drinks industry. In September 2005, PT ABC President Indonesia launched the Nu products Green Tea. This product is a pioneer of fast green tea drinks in PET bottles in Indonesia. In addition to the concept of Nu products Green Tea that is innovative, the company uses the latest technology i.e. PET Aseptic Filling Technology, which guarantee superior flavor and aroma. Currently Nu Green Tea is the market leader in the category of Ready-to-Drink Green Tea. PT ABC President of Indonesia will continue to innovate in order to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers. Other than in the field of the production of food and drink, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation also falls within the realm of retail has some chain stores, supermarkets, and convenience store. The field of his efforts has penetrated into a wide range of food products so, cooking oils, beverages, milk-based products, healthy food, frozen food, and so on. The company continues to conduct its business growth and diversification into distribution, financial, insurance, and construction. With extensive experience and knowledge about the local market, ABC Central Food and Uni-President Enterprises Corporation has set a strategy to only produce high-quality food. PT ABC President Indonesia has a vision to become one of the market leaders food and drinks in Indonesia. This is in accordance with the reputation of the ABC group and utilizing the results of research and development and innovation centre food owned by Uni-President Enterprises Corporation in Taiwan. Food products and drinks PT ABC President Indonesia is a product of good quality and tasteful high and has been exported to various countries in Europe and Asia Pacific. To increase the satisfaction of the customers, the ABC President, PT Indonesia issued the latest variant of one of its products Eat & Go. Eat & Go as one of Indonesia's traditional cuisine rich in spices and is very well known in the domestic and foreign tourists, Rendang became an option for the latest variant of the Eat & Go Vision Became the latest selection of flavors to life more meaningful. Current flavours: Tasty, Healthy, high quality, innovative, trendy Mission Brand: so that consumers can feel the food and beverage product quality, which is able to provide optimal usability in terms of fulfillment and satisfaction. Community: to become a workplace for people who have a desire to achieve increased success both individually as well as in organisational measures. Shareholders: in order to be able to maximize the value of the stock values and can be a company that is well received among the people. Source: ABC President Of Indonesia

Latest Jobs ABC President Of Indonesia Position: Sales Areas (GT/MT) Requirements: Male/female max 33 years A Bachelor's degree in any major of universities New graduates are welcome to apply for computer Communication skills, strong negotiation & affect Good analytical and problem-solving Effectively lead and motivate team Work based on: all regions of Indonesia Vacancies closed on August 27, 2015. If you are interested, send the application via online and for more information you can see through the ECC UGM or please click here
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