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Career With Penguin Group Jobs Mechanic Draftman

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Since the founding of this company over the past 30 years ago, in 1982, Penguin continues to experience a steady business growth and developed into a market leader as well as a model as a manufacturer of polyethlene and chemical water tank in Indonesia. The Penguin Group is the first and only company in Indonesia which produce water tanks with getting SNI 7276:2008 () in 2011. Not only serve the needs of the nation of Indonesia, Penguins have also been doing export to other countries such as Singapore and Japan. Penguin as Plastic products manufacturing-scale national certified ISO 9001:2008 and one of the SNI standard product manufacturers. Thus the company uses a variety of technology and power on team R&D (Research and Development), the penguin is not only limited to the water tank and chemistry, but also other products such as road barriers, corrugated PVC, and other special designs can be created according to the specifications and customer requirements. Penguin ensure every product has to meet the requirements of quality, have precise specifications and feasible for use by the consumer in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and SNI. With the principle of giving priority to the needs of consumers, Penguin provides services from the early stages of consultation, design, production, to provide technical support in order to meet and exceed consumer expectations. In addition of the credibility he carried, Penguin give a warranty of up to 20 years as a guarantee of the product received by consumers is a product of the highest quality. At a glance knowledge of the superiority of a product owned by Penguin, Penguin Tank using only FDA certified pure Polyethylene (Food Grade) are high quality with protection against the UV rays that are developed to produce a water tank of the chemical Polyethylene & weatherproof and durable. Polyethylene base material has been updated in order to have quality and durability against ultra violet rays the most good, reaching 650 kLy. Ultra violet (UV) that goes into the Earth, can damage the structure of the plastic material and result in discoloration, cracks up to finally broke. The outer layer of the tank through the process of pigmentation, where the goal besides beautify are also capable of improving durability against UV radiation up to at least 1,000 kLy. Indonesia receives UV radiation averaged 140 kLy annually. Dye/pigment with best quality used products can add resistance to UV rays on raw materials. Based on the results of our research, in each type of pigments that we use have a LIFE EXTENTION FACTOR (LEFT), namely the extension resistance to UV factor of magnitude different from each other, based on the type and quantity of pigment mixed. There are many color variations to embellish while holding the effects of Ultra Violet radiation from the destroyer. Penguin products formulated from the pure base material (not recycled), and high quality Food Grade. Layers in water tank specially processed Penguins give it the characteristics of glistening white, smooth and hygienic. In the end, as companies that have been standing for 3 decades, the Penguins still maintains its status as a company that is still growing with the always innovating and creating more value for customers. Source: Penguin Group

The Latest Penguin Group Jobs Update September 1, 2015 Position: Mechanic Draftman Task: Create a drawing machine in the 2D 3D & Responsible for drawing machines according the schedule already set Requirements: Man or woman Age Max. 28 years old Min. of education SMK mechanical engineering/Machinery Work experience of min. 2 years in the same Able to operate 2D Autocad 3D, p. & Office, etc. Cooperative, inisitiatif, integrity, and can work together individually or team Able to work well in a tight deadline Include Portfolio This vacancy is valid until 10 September 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application clik here.
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