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Jobs Unilever Indonesia Position Assistant Area Sales Manager

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Unilever Indonesia, a company is a company that becomes products manufacturer Home and Personal as well as Food and Ice Cream in Indonesia. Unilever Indonesia stands on December 5, 1933. Unilever Indonesia has products that have been very well known by the public at large in Indonesia, among the brands of products it is this: Lux, Lifebuoy, Dove, Sunsilk, Clear, Rexona, Vaseline, Rinso, Molto, Sunlight, Pepsodent, Walls, Royco, Bango, Blue Band, and there's still more. Products from Unilever's products are of high quality which is always trusted by its customers and always be the first choice of our customers. Unilever Indonesia through the products it generates it as with purpose rather than Unilever Indonesia, namely to make the consumer feel comfortable, have a good appearance and more to enjoy life through the brands and services that provide avail to them and also others. Unilever Indonesia through the release of products that provide inspiration for implementing the Act entrenched each day which if collected would make a big change. Unilever Indonesia is also very concerned for the environment, where in producing products that it generates it, Unilever Indonesia always minimize harm to the environment. Unilever Indonesia including to companies that are innovative, where with the innovations made by Unilever Indonesia thus is an attempt to fulfill the needs of the customers. With the innovations made by Unilever Indonesia, likewise shows that Unilever Indonesia develop its business activities through the enhancement of products of high quality in berkesinambunga. Unilever Indonesia with innovations that he did it to be able to continuously create high quality products at the same time benefit the lives of its customers. Unilever Indonesia since its establishment had a clear commitment in order to run its business activities, that is to become the company that manufactures the product Home and Personal as well as Food and Ice Cream are the biggest in Indonesia. And during his travels that, Unilever Indonesia through products that already was rendered unable to realize the great reputation, where products from Unilever Indonesia already used by two billion people on each day. Unilever Indonesia via the products high-quality was already contributing to any individual or group to make their lives better. Unilever Indonesia with all its powers, be it through the products it produces as well as other supporting factors, that Unilever Indonesia is ready to challenge the market at dirambahnya industries, where since its foundation up to now on industrial dirambahnya it, Unilever Indonesia is a key player in the field of Home and Personal products as well as Food and Ice Cream. Unilever Indonesia is a highly experienced company, so with business grew increasingly held by Unilever Indonesia, Unilever Indonesia will continuously enhance the sense of responsibility which already owned before. Unilever Indonesia always ready to be trust and the first choice of our customers through the products it generates it. Source: Unilever Indonesia.

Latest Jobs Unilever Indonesia Position: Assistant Area Sales Manager (AASM) Requirements: S1, all majors Min GPA of 2.80 Maximum age of 28 years Active in campus activities organization Dynamic, happy to work the field, communicative, healthy Willing placed throughout Indonesia Vacancies closed on September 9, 2015. If you are interested, send your application via email and for more information you can see through the Ub or UPKK please click here.
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