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Jobs BASF Indonesia Chemist Position

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BASF – The Chemical Company comes from Germany, for over 125 years this company runs and have a range of long and rich history in the Asia Pacific region. Over the years, BASF has developed into a leading global company that manufactures various chemical products. BASF chemical products are used in various industries such as agriculture, textile, leather, automotive, construction, electrical and electronic equipment, paper, food, feed, cosmetics, printing and packaging. Our products are also an important component in thousands of everyday products. BASF touching almost all aspects of our daily lives. BASF became the world's leading chemical company. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and plant protection products for oil and gas. BASF combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility and paint the contribution in achieving the objectives of the company by creating chemistry for a sustainable future. In Asia Pacific, we have a production chain with 100 sites, customers in over 16 countries and more than 18,000 employees involved in the development, manufacturing and sales of a wide range of products for agriculture and nutrition products, dyes and finishing products, chemicals, plastics and fibers for wide range of applications for the majority of the industry. BASF has over 113,000 employees, six Verbund sites and close to 370 production locations around the world. We serve customers and partners in almost all countries in the world. It's been such a long time BASF has been studying his field with a focus to combine the expertise of technology with the manufacturing competence and excellent business practices of many partners in the Asia Pacific region. All the work done-oriented customers and forge strategic alliances with local partners, we maintain our leading position in the region. In addition market and understanding coupled with supported skilled workforce, natural resources and infrastructure became the most important partners through technology state-of-the-art, professional management and an extensive global sales network. BASF mengkombimnasikan this very significant impact especially on the meningkatknya the company's ability to capitalize on the huge potential that is inherent in the Asia Pacific region. With the use of our application centre with extensive service facilities, we strive to be a company that helps customers to make their product better. BASF was looking for a competitive new technologies accompanied a strong commitment and dynamic. BASF wants to take full advantage of the economic potential of biotechnology. Biotechnology is a key technology of the 21st century, giving us great opportunities in the development of knowledge and applied tegnologi that includes nutrition, agriculture, chemicals, plastic and biobased. Through dialog services can help us save raw materials and energy during production. For this reason we have greatly expanded the entrepreneurship and scientific expertise in the field of biotechnology. Our knowledge of the world of genes and proteins is increasing from day to day. Source: BASF Indonesia.

Latest Jobs BASF Indonesia Update 4 September 2015 Position: Chemist Task: To test the application for building materials, especially with regard to the dispersion of the polymer. Prepare a solution of test reagents, and compound for employees of the lab to do testing. Develop, improve, and customize products, equipment, formulas, processes, and methods of analysis. Compile and analyze information of tests to determine the process or equipment operating efficiency and for diagnosing mischief. Requirements: Candidates must have at least a Diploma, Degree, or equivalent. Graduated from Reputable University. At least 2 years experienced working in a related field is required for this position. Applicants must be willing to work in Cengkareng. Preferred Staff (non-management for non-supervisors &) specializes in chemistry or equivalent. Full-time positions available. Have good communication skills and mature; Have the experience in the application of solvent-based materials additives; Mature, hard working, and ready to work under pressure; Technical and professional knowledge: laboratory instruments in the field of additives. This vacancy is valid until 10 September 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application source clik here.
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