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Latest Jobs Lippo Cikarang Position Engineering Supervisor

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PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk is a company of real estate in Cikarang, Bekasi, which were under the auspices of the Lippo Group. Lippo Cikarang area has long been a city icon with a unifying concept provides a one stop living in the form of a convenient place to live, beautiful and green; industrial area that accommodates small scale industry, medium and large, as well as a water recreation area, shopping and other facilities. The development of our town which continued, demanding the availability of qualified human resources. began operations in 1990, with the industry as an established economic base, Lippo Cikarang got a good reception from the Executive and business circles, where they inhabit in a residential area, as well as commercial areas are integrated and strategic. Lippo Cikarang grow and thrive by providing facilities as well as the best means to support business activities along with their families, which makes. Lippo Cikarang is a public company which publicly listed on the Indonesia stock exchange. PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk as one of the leading urban developer is also the biggest in Indonesia. The beginning of its activities the Lippo Cikarang partnered together EJIP (East Jakarta Industrial Park) several companies of Japan and Hyundai of Korea Development Core by developing environment-friendly industries in the region of Cikarang, Bekasi, 30 kilometers from Jakarta to the East, Lippo Cikarang comes with provides a variety of facilities that include a means of shopping malls, schools, five-star hotels, transport, hospitals, markets and modern recreational park for families such as the Hom Pim Pa, Water Boom is also Olympic Sports Club. That means being able to increase the value and image of the Lippo Cikarang as a complete and comprehensive city in East Jakarta. Now, the Lippo Cikarang are building a Citywalk Lippo Cikarang area located at JL. MH Thamrin-Cikarang Concept is brilliant brilliant marketing also applied by Lippo Cikarang. It has invited the attention of the public as well as the surrounding communities, they can join in hungga feel sertamenikmati of various harnesses saranar and facilities fully equipped as well as integrated existing in Lippo Cikarang, thus directly able to encourage the growth of the company and able to survive many years. Lippo Cikarang is one of the pioneers of the concept of development of integrated residential area that has class and quality, comfortable to live in, healthy and green. Given the strategic area housing Lippo Cikarang is fit to inhabit by the Executive, business circles, as well as entrepreneurs. As for the commercial and industrial area is excellent and prospective investment to be made. The company has been able to successfully develop the Lippo Cikarang integrated residential area into an environmentally friendly, building commercial district as well as the industrial area better and healthier by integrating neighborhoods, facilities and means of the public as a form of harmonissi. All of this is the commitment and hard work of the company over the past two decades in developing region of residence mayarakat, business and industry representatives. The company continues to develop its business and to maximize the satisfaction of customers as well as maintain a shareholder by way of sustaining the company's growth is increasingly in the future. Fore Company always committed and continue to be consistent in developing integrated settlement class and quality considering the prospects and opportunities in industrial property sangatbesar. Factors that cause business fixed property survive and exist with still the existence of community needs housing course that has good quality and affordable prices. Facts prove that Indonesia remains a prima donna for investors because the value of the prices more competitive compared to neighboring countries. Source: lippo cikarang

Latest Jobs Lippo Cikarang Position Engineering Supervisor Requirements: Must have at least Bachelor's degree, engineering (Electrical/Electronic/mechanical) or equivalent. At least 2 year (s) of working experience as a technique of SPV in the comercial building/housing. Have a minimum of 5 years work experince in the operation of the Mall. Supervisor/Coordinator who specializes in engineering Mall – civil/structural/consstruction or equivalent. Have a good attitude, capability negotiation, work and perseverance. A hard-working and able to work in teams. 1 full time position available. Vacancies closed 30 September 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via online and for more information you can see click here.
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