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Jobs Adiyasa Abadi FABRICATOR Engineer Position

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Adiyasa Abadi, a company, is a company engaged in the field of contracting, racking up big, conveyor, epoxy, ducting, electrical and mechanical companies in Indonesia. Adiyasa since 2008. Since the establishment of the Perennial Adiyasa it already had a clear commitment in its operational activities are run in order, namely to become a company engaged in the field of construction in Indonesia. During his travels in the field along with Adiyasa Abadi by Immortal already proves that this company has a good reputation in the eyes of the customer, where the immortal Adiyasa always build the future employees and business partners, through commitment, trust, and good attitude as well as being able to count on. The company is a Perennial Adiyasa innovative, where with the innovations undertaken by the eternal, Adiyasa Abadi capable to provide the best services to customers or to the client. With the innovations undertaken by the immortal Adiyasa, likewise proves that Eternal Adiyasa continually improve and enhance the quality of the products it produces. Timeless Adiyasa constantly focusing attention to the customer, where the customer's satisfaction for Eternal Adiyasa is something important to do, hence Adiyasa Abadi continually meet the needs of its customers. Adiyasa Abadi supported by facilities and infrastructure repair is complete and technologically sophisticated, where with adequate facilities as well as high-tech, then Eternal Adiyasa capable to produce optimal quality of service. Other than that, the immortal Adiyasa also assisted by professional staffs, where human resources are owned by Adiyasa Man is a human resources expert in their fields each, human resources has high dedication, tenacious human resources human resources, that have a strong motivation. Immortal in the field contractors Adiyasa including to key players in Indonesia, where the immortal Adiyasa already held a service in the service with the experience is quite long, so from that Perennial Adiyasa including to companies that have already experienced. With the experience you by Immutable, Eternal Adiyasa able to always provide excellent service to customers on an ongoing basis. Adiyasa Abadi course with experience you by this company are ready to challenge the market in the field of the it in Indonesia through the service is done professionally and of high quality. Source: Adiyasa Abadi.

Latest Jobs Adiyasa Abadi Update September 9, 2015 Position: FABRICATOR, Engineer, WELDER Task: Fabrication Process Perform the installation at the Customer Do Welding Metal, stainless Requirements: The Minimum ADMIN/Equal Mastering Tools Fabrication Master the way good welding Able to read engineering drawings Preferred Contractor who had worked in The same field of experience minimum 1 years Willing to work in the area of Bekasi Accurate, analytical, meticulous, precise High standards, systematic Enthusiasm and discipline The Responsibility Of The Initiative This vacancy is valid until September 20, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application click here.
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