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Implementing ME Position On Majumapan Bangunindo PT

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PT. MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO was founded by Ong Onggo Tjandra Setiawan on 17 May 1993. Starting from a specialist at housing development, In this two decades, PT. MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO have gained many valuable experiences and improved the quality, both in construction techniques, materials and so on. Therefore, now PT. MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO has been growing rapidly. Currently, PT.MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO's project already expands into large scale projects such as the construction of hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and so on. PT. MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO is known as a company which has satisfying many customers because of its speed, accuracy, and tidiness. PT. MAJUMAPAN BANGUNINDO currently based in West Jakarta. Although only based in Jakarta, the ranges of projects handled are very broad, we are handling projects that reach outside Java. Some examples are in Manado, Bali, Bengkulu, and Riau.

Implementing ME Company Logo Majumapan Bangunindo PT - Majumapan Bangunindo PT Jakarta Raya Industry: Real Estate & Property Building Management Function: Engineering/Technician

JOB DESCRIPTION Planning project implementation (including methods of work) Keep an eye on the quality of work/projects Report on the progress of work to project leadership Keep an eye on the schedule of the project timeline JOB REQUIREMENT At least D3 Minimum of 2 years experience as a performer of ME Disciplined, honest and responsible job Willing to be stationed outside the city. Source clik here.
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