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Jobs Sampoerna Agro Assistant Garden

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Sampoerna Agro, a company, is one of the companies that produce palm oil and palm kernel in Indonesia. Sampoerna Agro is a company manufacturer of palm oil and palm kernel largest in Indonesia. Sampoerna Agro originally as an investor in PT Aek Tarum happened in 1989. Subsequently in 1993, Sampoerna Agro became an independent company that operates the palm oil plantations in South Sumatra region. Sampoerna Agro also became one of the companies producing or producing Palm seed heads in some parts of Indonesia, where with his efforts in the Sampoerna Agro has already obtained a license from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia as head of Palm seeds producer by the name of brandnya DxP Srivijaya, Sriwijaya DxP carried out or organised by one of the subsidiaries of Sampoerna Agro namely PT Binasawit Makmur. A product called DxP Srivijaya is the result of a cross of selective genetic material with the diverse genetic origins as well as derived from twenty-five sets of the dura family and fifty pisifera family. A subsidiary of Sampoerna Agro namely PT Binasawit Makmur became perodusen and market vairietas 6 Palm seeds that have a high quality world class with name of the brand DxP Sriwijaya. Sampoerna Agro, recorded up to the end of 2012, has a total of 114.827 hectares of oil palm plantations, so that Sampoerna Agro manage palm oil plantations covering an area of 114.827 hectares. Where palm oil plantations covering an area of 114.827 hectares that consists of 83.974 hectares of land located in South Sumatra Province, while other acres of 30.853 hectares located in the province of Central Kalimantan and West Kalimantan. In total, the plantation owned by Sampoerna Agro amount 92.120 hectares of oil palm while the rest mature 22.706 hectares of palm oil plantations is immature. Still at the end of 2012, Sampoerna Agro also manage the land around 62,227 hectares to the core while the plantation about 47,600 hectares is plasma and cooperative plantations interwoven with other parties. Sampoerna Agro has 6 pom pom 5, which is located in Sumatra and 1 pom located in Kalimantan. The fifth pom that was in Sumatra has a total capacity for memporduksi three hundred and eighty tons of fresh fruit bunches per hour, while a pom who are in Kalimantan have production capacity of seventy-five tonnes of FFB per hour. Sampoerna Agro has a clear commitment in order to execute its operational, i.e., to be a company engaged in the field of agribusiness executives in Indonesia, other than it being a company who has been in charge of Java. To realize that vision, Sampoerna Agro, supported by 4 this basis such as human resources, Earth, products and profits. Such is the power possessed by Sampoerna Agro in conducting operations in order to be the best in his field. Sampoerna Agro is an innovative company, where innovation is done by Sampoerna Agro, Sampoerna Agro is able to be competitive. Moreover, as already known, Sampoerna Agro has a human resources expert and competent in their fields. Moreover, Sampoerna Agro, supported by adequate facilities in order to organize his efforts. Sampoerna Agro will always organize the optimal production for the creation of high-quality products. With a high quality product, then a great reputation in his field will always Sampoerna Agro get, as well as recognized by all stakeholders. Sampoerna Agro always improve and also continually enhance produktifitasnya to support copyright, that are useful to all interested parties in the field along with by Sampoerna Agro. Sampoerna Agro would have recognized by all related to agribusiness where Sampoerna Agro often become producers of palm oil in which it excels and the quality is also reliable. Sampoerna Agro is a company that always pays attention to the environment in the sphere of the region it works. Source: Sampoerna Agro.

Latest Jobs Sampoerna Agro Update 5 Septemer 2015 Position: Assistant Garden Requirements: The maximum 35-year-old. Last education Minimum D3 Agriculture/Forestry/Plantations. Have experience in the same position (Field Assistant) at the palm oil plantation for a minimum of 2 years. Mastering or being able to operate a computer and software (minimum of MS Office). Able-bodied and minimum height 160 cm. Able to communicate well, nimble, resilient, creative, honest, disciplined and responsible. Willing to be placed in the area of West Kalimantan. This vacancy is valid until 10 September 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application source clik here.
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