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Staff Personalia Company On Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group

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Indonesia Kayu lapis Group (PRESS) is a reputable company with experience of more than four decades in the field of sustainable forest Management with an integrated Timber Industry. PRESS manage continuous business growth on hulu and hilirnya thanks to the synergy of the core competencies of a professional company in producing environmentally friendly products for local and international markets. At each stage of the operation, the PRESS is committed to preserving the environment and empower human beings. Vision Improving sustainable business growth with how to process raw materials from sustainable forest quality, professionally managed to become environmentally friendly wood products. Values PRESS is committed to providing the best PRESS is a company that has a business integrity PRESS hold to the principle of sustainability Commitment PRESS is committed to directing every aspect of the business, in order to produce high-quality wood-based products to meet the demand of local and global consumers. PRESS is also committed to taking the steps necessary to avoid the possibility of the occurrence of adverse events as well as minimize the potential dangers that could affect society and the environment. In addition the PRESS also is committed to manage forest-based sustainability potential kelolaannya to get a continuous supply of raw material for the wood processing industry. PRESS also manages the environmental aspects of forest with how to care for and protect forest products, utilizing the resources of wood optimally by means of balance between harvesting and replanting, as well as helping nature do the update forest resources. PRESS to develop community forests remote villages by means of providing employment, technology, education, and to improve the quality of life ...Indonesia Kayu lapis Group

Staff Personalia Company Logo Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group - Kayu Lapis Indonesia Group Kotawaringin Timur Industry: Paper & Forestry Product Wood & Processing Function: Human Resource

JOB DESCRIPTION The Administration with regard to handling big HRGA (Employee Absences, filing documents and correspondence) Take care of Jamsostek and BPJS Record company assets Help the payroll process and calculations JOB REQUIREMENT Maximum age 35 years Minimum diploma 3 all education majors Minimum 1 year experience in the field of human resources Have the ability of analysis, negotiation and good computer To be honest, thorough, firm is responsible and has the soul of leadership Master HRD, the Act of labor, payroll processing, building maintenance, GA and procurement of assets For placement in Sampit Kalimantan,Source clik here.
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