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Job Vacancies Hansa Pratama Position STAFF Of MARKETING

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PT. HANSA PRATAMA standing start in Indonesia in 1989. The company started production in 1992 and to supply all the cement companies in Indonesia in 1993. With the motto "Quality Are our main Concern," the company allows us to go through a long journey. Over 17 years, we have tried to be the best supplier for many customers with quality products and good service. Starting from 1991 as a metal casting company, which only spare part company in East Java has evolved into a company that serves the company's spare parts in Indonesia, a cement company in particular, almost all of Indonesia (Andalas, Padang, Baturaja, Indocement, Tonasa, Gresik, Holcim Indonesia and Tuban) and exports to the United States, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Korea, Canada, Japan and Malaysia. Our commitment to continuously improve the quality, dedication and stamina to work, to provide products and services that satisfy customers high quality, has led our company to gain recognition as a variety of companies that could do with a high difficulty factors and chemical composition in accordance in accordance with condition/needed, such as hardness and resistance to high temperatures. Supported by a wide range of experience in the field of metal casting technology and Korea, then we can be sure to provide quality products suited to the progress of the business of our customers. Source: Hansa Pratama.

Latest Job Vacancies Hansa Pratama Position: STAFF Of MARKETING (MKT) Requirements: Men, S-1 minimum Education of industrial engineering/Machinery/t. Metalurgy/Production Experienced preferred in Marketing, especially industrial machinery spare part sales Able to read engineering drawings and familiar with Autocad 2D/3D United Kingdom language and computers Active, Communicative, dynamic and creative Have the ability to negotiate Honest, responsible, have high integrity and loyalty Willing to travel out of town or overseas Position: PRODUCTION CONTROL (PC) Requirements: The man, Poltek min Education/S1Teknik engine/Mettalurgy/Production Preferred experienced in the metal casting or Production machine tools &: Lathe, Milling, CNC, etc. Master machine tools: Milling, CNC Lathe, etc. Familiar with Autocad 2D/3D Mastering the language of the United Kingdom, either oral or writing The Federal Team Work and able to work hard Disciplined, honest and responsible United Kingdom languages and Familiar with Autocad 2D/3D Position: HUMAN RESOURCES (HR) STAFF Requirements: Male/female, minimum Bachelor of law Education/Psychology/HUMAN RESOURCE Management, GPA: 3.00 min. Experienced preferred experience as HR/Human Resources Development (HRD)/Personalia Master the labor law, labor, Legal and Licensing Able to do the process rekruitment Able to operate a computer, at least MS Office. Discipline, critical, responsive and has high initiative A hard worker and has the soul of Leadership Have high Integrity and Loyalty Honest and responsible Vacancies closed on September 22, 2015. If you are interested, please send your proposal in onlinedan more information you can see through the Ub with J. P. C. UPKK click here.
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