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jobs Indolakto (Indomilk) position Maintenance Improvement Planner

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Indolakto or Indomilk, a company, a company engaged in the field of consumer products where the company became the leading dairy producers in Indonesia. Indolakto or Indomilk was established in 1967. Indolakto or Indomilk has a product that is already well known by the public at large in Indonesia, namely product from a branded Cap Indolakto, where Indomilk is the stamp of Delicious sweetened condensed milk packaged in modern. Indolakto or Indomilk since the Foundation already had a clear commitment in its operational activities are run in order, where Indolakto or Indomilk would like to become the largest company in manufacture of milk in Indonesia. With the journey to right now, Indolakto or Indomilk was able to put its position as a leading company in the field of manufacture of milk it, and in the field of dirambahnya that Indolakto or Indomilk have got a good reputation from consumers through the quality of the products it generates it. Indolakto or Indomilk in the creation of products that are constantly focusing attention to the satisfaction of the consumer, with emphasis to what the needs of the customer or its customers, Indolakto or Indomilk else was able to gain the trust of consumers, as well as the product issued by the Indolakto or Indomilk always be the first choice. Indolakto or Indomilk are supported by adequate infrastructure and facilities in its business activities as well as in the run also has cutting edge technology, then with complete equipment and up-to-date technology that Indolakto or Indomilk is able to provide the service of products optimally. Other than that, Indolakto or Indomilk, supported by superior human resources, where human resources are you by Indolakto or Indomilk are people who are professionals, people who are experts in their fields each, people who have the dedication, people who have a strong motivation, people who are always working hard in doing performance soon. Then with all the forces you by Indolakto or Indomilk, Indolakto or Indomilk is able to create high quality products that are capable of providing benefits to human life, in the field of manufacture of milk. On the dirambahnya field, the field of manufacture of milk, Indolakto or Indomilk is a key player in Indonesia. Where Indolakto or Indomilk are able to always existed and always trusted by consumers where the product issued by the Indolakto or Indomilk is always the first choice of the consumer. With its quality products that then Indolakto or Indomilk are ready to challenge the market in the field of dirambahnya it. Where Indolakto or Indomilk else always do various innovations in order to provide services of its products, with innovation that Indolakto or Indomilk is an effort to provide products that are able to satisfy the consumer. With the innovations made by Indolakto or Indomilk likewise shows that Indolakto or Indomilk is constantly refining and improving the quality of the product it is. Source: Indolakto (Indomilk)

Latest jobs Indolakto (Indomilk) Update September 3 2015 position: Maintenance Improvement Planner planning maintenance tasks: Ensure availability of spare parts in the area for a smooth operational machine accountable to the head of the Department coordinate with engineering requirements: minimum SMU/SMK Engineering/IT a maximum age of 25 years of experience at least 3 Years Know preventive Maintenance & Autonomous Maintenance Know specifications of engineering machine spare part Can the MS Office , Autocad, and language skills United Kingdom PLC Vacancy is valid until 10 September 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: application Source clik here.
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