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Latest Jobs Mayora Indah Head Maintenance

Mayora or could also be called Mayora Indah, a Group company, is one of the companies engaged in the consumer product business sectors in Indonesia. Mayora Indah Group is a company that is well known in Indonesia in the consumer product business. Mayora Indah Group established on February 17, 1977. Mayora Indah Group is already registered in the Jakarta Stock Exchange since July 4, 1990. Mayora Indah Group shares controlled by Unita PT Branindo of 32, 93 percent. Majus or Majus Group has branches spread across Indonesia. Mayora Indah Group already grown and developed into one of the companies engaged in the sector of products for consumers in the industry since its foundation over the past few years back. Mayora Indah Group since its foundation already has a clear commitment, where Beautiful Mayora Indah Group present in order to become a service provider for consumer products in Indonesia, through service excellence as well as optimized and also of course with a superior quality. The slogan is already very well known by the general public in Indonesia from Mayora Indah is: another one Of Mayora Indah. And thanks to the vigorous promotion, Mayora Indah Group into a company known to the general public, and the Mayora Indah Group then is able to prove that the services provided from Mayora Indah Group is quality assurance, so being able to get a good appreciation of the common people in Indonesia, so Beautiful or Mayora Indah Gorup is trusted by the community and always be the first choice of the community concerning the products for consumers. Since established in 1977, Mayora Indah Group grows and develops from a simple home-based industries that used to be one of the leading in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Majus or Majus Group is a company that produces food and beverages that are high quality, and so is already recognized by the wider community. Mayora Indah Group is one of the largest food and beverage manufacturers in the domestic market even globally, and Beautiful or Mayora IndahGroup is able to control the market. Surely Mayora Indah Group is supported by a fully equipped facilities and infrastructure as well as the latest technology so that also is capable of creating high-quality products. Other than that, Wonderful Mayora Indah Group also assisted by a skilled human resources, human resources, human resources who have expertise in their fields each. Mayora Indah Group, in order to run its business activities, supremely focused on the needs of its customers, as intended by Mayora Indah Group to make its loyal customers satisfied. Mean while, Mayora Indah Group also not forgetting the orientation concerning the profit for the benefit of stakeholders. Source: Mayora Indah

Latest Jobs Mayora Indah Update August 17, 2015 Position: Head Maintenance Unit Packaging (Code: UHMP) Task: Responsible for the machine as well as a well-coordinated achievement Responsible for sapreparts availability, comsumable parts and other tools Responsible for the implementation of time and condition based maintenance Requirements: Maximum age 38 years CMS education of mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, minimum of 5 years experience in the field of maintenance (preferably in the food and Beverage Industry) Bachelor degree of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering Has leadership and good interpersonal skills Willing to work in a shift system Placement: Ciawi Bogor This vacancy is valid until August 20, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application
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