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Latest Jobs Sugar Group Companies Position Supervisor

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Sugar Group Companies is a Plantation and a sugar factory in the province of Lampung. SGC business as a collection of vertically and horizontally integrated in the sugar industry Indonesia. This integration allows business as the group to operate more smoothly are expected to increase their productivity As a Business Group of Sugar can represent a number of sugar cane plantation upstream, middle of the road a few sugar factories, and downstream distribution of products to the consumer market for sugar products in Indonesia. The Group of companies is a Business Consortium of Sugar that contains several subsidiaries. Among them is a subsidiary of PT white sugar Mataram, PT Indolampung and PT Indolampung, the Sweet Ones. Operation of sugar cane plantation and sugar mill high volume one of the leading refined sugar Products made by Sugar Group Company "Gulaku", it's famous throughout Indonesia. Gulaku has been menjai commercial brand as a premium refined sugar products is a household name in Indonesia. Sugar is one of the strategic commodities in Indonesia's economy. With an area of about 350 thousand ha in the period 2000-2005, sugar cane-based sugar industry is an industry that is very important because the commodities include sugar in the nine basic necessities of society which demand keeps increasing from year to year. It can be seen from the total national domestic sugar consumption amounted to 1.69 million tons and imports of 1.5 million tons. The sugar needs of community need people satisfied with the way the import of sugar is estimated at an average of 1.5 million tons per year. With a very important position, the sugar industry require changes and adjustments in increasing its productivity. Therefore need special observation by the Government against the sugar production sector starts from upstream to downstream effect on the production of sugar. Source: SGC

Latest Jobs Sugar Group Companies Position: Supervisor Requirements: 1. Placement in Lampung 2. Speak United Kingdom 3. Min GPA 3.00 4. A Graduate Degree: – Faculty of Engineering: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, architecture. – Faculty of agriculture: all majors – Faculty of SCIENCES: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics 5. Able to work individually and in teams 6. Willing to work in the office and field Vacancies closed 26 August 2015. If you are interested, send the application via online and for more information you can see through UPKK or please click here
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