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Loker Saptaindra Sejati Terbaru (SIS)

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Profile PT Saptaindra Sejati

PT Saptaindra Sejati company, is one of the leading coal miningservices in Indonesia. Saptaindra Sejati  moving in the field ofintegrated with standard mining internasional mining companies  in Indonesia. Saptaindra Sejati supported byheavy equipment facilities are modern and well maintained as well as the human resources that havethe skill or expertise and experience in the field ofmining. Saptaindra Sejati provides a range of services such asthe following which mining services that include jobpeeling layers of soil cover to transport coal to the location of the client and the shipping of the mininginfrastructure development. Aside from the Saptaindra Sejati on that, supported by more than eight hundred fifty unitsof heavy equipment and labor who have competence and experience in the mining industry, so True, usready to provide mining services that are reliable andprovide the best service.

Saptaindra Sejati operations begin in 1991 as a heavy equipment subcontractor under the name Setyamukti, which further Dianlia senada with rapidly increasingthe company's growth into a successful mining and contractors conducting several projects such as the project to PT Berau Coal and PT Adaro Indonesia. The shareholders and the management agreed to divert all operational activities which include the assets of the company and its workforce gradually became to UsTrue PT in 2002, then PT Us True in 2008 was acquired by PT Adari Energy.

The purpose of a true, us to be more than simplyprovide the most excellent services that are alsocapable of delivering more value for all customers.  Now this is a true success, US production reachedtwenty-two million tons of coal and has contracts with six clients, and from there became one of the biggestcontracts with clients are PT Adaro Indonesia.

Saptaindra Sejati has high safety standards and are committedto maintaining the sustainability of lingkunga, and hasa good relationship with the community that isharmonious relationships so True, us as a trustedpartner and tepay for the mining company miningsolutions that require timely and cost effective.

Saptaindra Sejati has a high commitment to the safety and health in the working environment, as can be seenfrom the management system includes a fully integrated, K3L standards and procedures detail theguidelines for safety and health at work of every workplace.

In order to achieve the target, us True K3L i.e. "ZeroLTI" and "No Fatality", True, us very rigorous safety program, occupational health and the environment. Saptaindra Sejati also set targets for improvement, measure and implement assessment and report performancefor work accident prevention and decrease ofresources support neighbor hood.

Saptaindra Sejati is managed by a great team which is composed of experts in mining, which has a longexperience in the field of mining industry, True, uscertainly want to give the very best to all customers.True, us, as it is known, is based in Jakarta, the ranks ofmanagement rather than a Saptaindra Sejati strategize and directs all of the policies and activities of the branchoffice in the various layout in Kalimantan.

These are the ranks of management rather than a Saptaindra Sejati. President Director replacing Anis Sulistiadi. ThenVice President Director replacing a. Gift. Then Financial Director replacing Christina sharks. Then DirectorGeneral Bimantoro Adisanyoto.

Lowongan Kerja Saptaindra Sejati Terbaru

Update 10 November 2014
Persyaratan :

  • Pria.
  • Usia Maksimal 35 tahun
  • Pendidikan minimal Diploma D3.
  • Jurusan Statistika, Teknik Pertambangan, Teknik Mesin (daru universitas terkemuka ITB, Undip, IPB, UI, UGM)
  • Nilai (IPK: 3,0 skala point 4.00)
  • Mempunyai 1 tahun pengalaman kerja dibidang terkait
  • Lancar bahasa Inggris baik lisan maupun tulisan.
  • Menguasai program komputer (MS Office)
  • Sehat jasmani maupun rohani.
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan diwilayah Jakarta Pusat.

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