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Loker Surakarta PT Batam Textile Industry Terbaru

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Profile PT Batam Textile

Loker Surakarta - PT Batam Textile Industry is vertically integrated textile mill was established in 1971. We have been producing and supplying of textile products for industrial, apparel and home furnishing necessities since the beginning of us. Today,  PT Batam Textile Industry continues to produce high quality denim fabric dyed  – with our sales activities are spread throughout the world.

Our plant is constantly up-rated with a State-of-artequipment and the latest textile machinery.  Our mill is equipped with approximately 60,000 Spindles rings and 4,000 autocoro open end rotor.  In addition, weemploy Saurer elasto-twisting machine Hamel who specialize in producing twisting yarns with Lycra Dupont ' stretch '. Our raw materials consist mainly ofraw cotton, rayon, polyester and polynosic rayon to produce pure cotton yarn cotton & mixed.

Weaving our factory equipped with 350 sets of high speed air jet Picanol and Rapier looms.  On top of allthis, we have a wide range of renowned European helper engines ranging from warping, sizing, Indigodyeing, scorch & Sanforizing.  We are currently producing over 2 million linear meters of Indigo Denim, Poplin, tarps and clothes fabric.

We also have a highly advanced dyeing, finishing and printing production with a capacity of more than 3 million linear meters of fabric so each month.  We can provide a wide range of special finishing including prepost- cured wrinkle-free finish, oil / water repellent finish, teflon finish, calendar finish chintz and emerizing peach-skin finish.  Our printing employs a set of flat screen printing machine and a set of rotaryscreen printing machine that can print up to a maximum of 12 colors. We can provide a variety ofprints including reactive, pigment, VAT, debit and resist mold.

PT Batam Textile Industry is managed by a team of experienced foreign staff. In order to provide our clients with a superior product, our success begins with deep-rooted concern for human resources. By providing our employees with ongoing training programs and a generous remuneration package, PT Batam was able to maintain a reputation as a major textile operations through the pursuit of excellence incustomer service, quality & cost efficiency.
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Lowongan Kerja PT Batam Textile Industry Terbaru

Update 23 November 2014
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