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Loker Surakarta PT Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia Terbaru

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PT Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia

Loker Surakarta-PT. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia, established in 1995, which the company has a production base of electronic device SHARP Corporation in Japan. Sharp Semiconductor as part of Sharp Corporation, engaged in the manufacture of semiconductor products such as LED devices, Laser Devices and Opto Devices as well asproduct development in the form of a module that is able to be marketed to the world. Sharp Semiconductor that the resulting products canmeet the standards expected by customers in terms of quality and time liness in the delivery.

As a company that has been operating for more than 15 years, Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia has the ability and the experience is more than enough in producing semiconductor devices. The printing process, limitstesting and Tapping are doing everything in our factory and for a larger scale now wenot only manufacture the semiconductor devices, but also the Assembly module

Since the company was founded, Sharp Semiconductor still continue to provide high-efficiency devices and high reliability. And the company has gained the trust of many customers. In addition, in the future, Sharp Semiconductor will continue to sequenceoffers products that match customer demand. Our products are: device LED lights (Zenigata), the device LED Backlight and LED light modules, laser Devices,Laser devices, Wave Dial Hologram Laser device, the device detects the Infra-Red, photo Interrupter, Photo Coupler, Voltage Regulato, dust Detection Sensor module.

All products manufactured in the factory Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia by combining all quality, Environmental Certification, health and safety. So as to provide the best confidence to customers to use our products.  And we are also committed to protectingthe local environment as part of the environmental conservation company. Based on the spirit of SHARPBusiness Creed of "Sincerity and Creativity", PT. Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia will contribute to ASEAN region and the development of the world and contribute to the happiness of all employees.


Lowongan Kerja PT Sharp Semiconductor Indonesia Terbaru 

Update 26 November 2014
Posisi : Material Control
Tugas :
  • Request control of materials
  • Controls the amount of basic supplies at target
  • Control of the supply of and demand for materials production

Persyaratan :
  • Usia tidak lebih dari 24 tahun.
  • Minimal pendidikan Diploma D3.
  • Jurusan Teknik Komputer.
  • Nilai IPK minimal 2.85.
  • Bersedia bekerja di bawah tekanan.
  • Menguasai komputer.
  • Mampu berbahasa Inggris.
  • Jujur dan bertanggung jawab serta disiplin waktu.
  • Bersedia bekerja dengan sebuah team. atau individu.
  • Lowongan kerja untuk penempatan diwilayah Karawang.

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