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Loker HM Sampoerna Tbk Terbaru

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Profile Of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

The history and successes of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. ("Sampoerna") is inseparable from the history of Sampoerna family as its founder.

In 1913, Liem Seeng Tee, a Chinese immigrant, began making and selling hand-rolled kretek cigarettes at his home in Surabaya, Indonesia. The small company was one of the first companies to manufacture and market cigarettes or cigarettes.

The popularity of kretek cigarettes is growing rapidly. In the early 1930s, Liem Seeng Tee renames the company name at once became a family of Sampoerna, which means "perfection". After his business is growing quite well established, Liem Seeng Tee moved the family residence and factory complex into an abandoned building in Surabaya which was later renovated by him.

The building also served as the family residence, and up to now, the building known as the Grounds are still a Sampoerna produces kretek hand-rolled. The building now also includes a museum chronicling the history of Sampoerna family and its business, and is one of the main tourist destinations in Surabaya

The third generation of the family, Putera Sampoerna, the Sampoerna took over the helm of the company in 1978. Under his control, Sampoerna is thriving and becoming a public company in 1990 with modern business structure, and began his investment and expansion. Next the Sampoerna successfully strengthened its position as one of the leading companies in Indonesia.

Sampoerna's success caught the attention of Philip Morris International Inc. ("PMI"), one of the world's leading cigarette companies. Finally in May 2005, PT Philip Morris Indonesia, an affiliate of PMI, acquired majority ownership of Sampoerna.

Board of Directors and a new management consisting of the combined professional Sampoerna and PMI continue the company's leadership by creating operational synergies with PMI, while still maintaining the traditions and cultural heritage of Indonesia which has been owned since almost a century ago.
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Lowongan Kerja HM Sampoerna Terbaru

Update 11 November 2014
POSISI : EHS Engineer (ID: 02370)

  • College or university degree in a science/engineer.Major on EHS (Engineering safety, Industrial Hygiene,environmental engineering) subjects are preferred
  • In either language, English
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in EHS and/or related fields
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Have a PC Skills: Microsoft office, Word, ExcelPower point
  • Other: ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 implementation and audit

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