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Loker Surakarta PT Elnusa Tbk Terbaru

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Profile PT Elnusa Tbk

Loker SurakartaProfile PT Elnusa Tbk, Elnusa, a company, a company that became operational from supporting services oil gas and PT Pertamina Pertamina, which is State-owned enterprises.  Elnusa organizes service which includes the repair and maintenance of ships electronic communications equipment to Pertamina facilitiesradar systems and navigational equipment as well.  Elnusa stands refers to the Act of establishment of Indonesia Company No. 18, on 25 January 1969. Elnusa, PT Electonika Nusantara as standing.  Establishment of Elnusa is confirmed by notary TanThong Kie on February 13, 1969, in which it is changing Indonesia No.10 Company capital.  Establishment of Elnusa registered in the Hall of the record No. 35 of Republic Indonesia No. 58Attachments on 2 May 1969.

Elnusa established partners with the client provider tankker oil from another company in which the clienthas entered into a contract with the company's State-owned oil and gas Indonesia, where oil and gas companies state-owned Indonesia that was part of Elnusa.  Because of the increasingly rapid business growth, boosted by the presence of opportunities as well as business demand which has competitiveness, in 1999, Elnusa pioneered internal konsolidai in order to intervene operations and business activities. Thanks to the consolidation carried out by Elnusa, impact of Elnusa has 12 business unitsmanaged and led by 3 in the vision of them: PatraNiaga, telecommunications and information technology, as well as exploration and production.

Elnusa continues to experience increased from year to year. Elnusa, in 2001, had restructured the organizational structures, which have an impact on the transformation of its business division 3, here are the Directorate of Elnusa: the first is a service of Nonmigas, then there is a Directorate of the Ministry's Directorate of further down stream, Upstream Stewardship.  With the third Division, then Elnusa had acommitment to always provide the best service with all your abilities.

Later in 2004, Elnusa effort in initiating re-engineering of money involves the acquisition and merger. Its impact in 2006 Elnusa has 14 Affiliate businesses and 2 fortipolio efforts.  Elnusa has core businesses include: the first is an integrated oil and gas Services, then the second is the Telematics service support. Subsequently in October 2007, in order to intervene in the process of dedication to the companygas service company Elnusa as Indonesia's on the upper minyka, then to be the firstnon-stop services in the oil and gas upstream industryin Indonesia. Elnusa had 4 affiliate enterprises of oil and gas services are consolidated by the company.

On February 6, 2008, Elnusa with officially registeredon the Indonesia stock exchange.  Elnusa has its ownbrand in order to execute its operational, i.e. which arecomplete, then professionalism, then management and business ethics are clean and able to trust. Elnusaas the company is poised to meet the challenges of all kinds in order to either nationally, regionally and internationally.  With all the power that belongs to Elnusa, is today the leading company Elnusa is in order to organize an integrated oil upstream and gas services sectors that have clients in domestic and abroad.

Elnusa is assisted by adequate facilities, with so Elnusa was able to hold services in oil and gas well. Elnusa was also assisted by human resources that have competence in their fields each, where human resources are owned by Elnusa has high dedication, where human resources Elnusa has high competitiveness in wading through the competitione specially in the field of oil and gas services, the people who reside in Elnusa is people who are reliable, so with human resources owned by that Elnusa,can become a winning company and strong.  So, with adequate facilities and also a superior human resources, then prepare to challenge the market ways Elnusa either market national, regional and international level, in order to organise mainly provide services in oil and gas.

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Lowongan Kerja PT Elnusa Tbk Terbaru

Update 22 November 2014
Posisi : Business Analyst
Tanggung Jawab:

  • To analyze new business opportunities with macro-seewith regards to market size, market segmentation, market share and benchmark with other similar companies
  • To analyze and create a new business information market, based on recommendation and finance, risk and opportunity
  • To make the process of strategic planning and development
  • To create a business of financial modeling and relating to new business recommendations
  • To manage related data for the purpose of the new business recommendations
  • To ensure the accuracy of the business analysis process
  • Regulatory policy analyst and related business

Persyaratan :

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree from the Department of Engineering and a Master's of Business Strategic direction, management, or equivalent
  • At least 3 years working experience in the related field is required for this position (Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, business development Risk and or equivalent.
  • Previous work experience preferably specializing in marketing/business development or equivalent.
  • Network background in the oil industry will be advantage gas
  • 4 blank positions available

Date line tanggal 10 Desember 2014.  Segera kirim aplikasi lamaran kerja anda lengkap beserta CV dan poto terbaru ke alamat dibawah ini : 
PT. Elnusa Tbk, Graha Elnusa, 16th Floor, Jl. TB Simatupang Kav. 1 B, Jakarta 12560
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