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Loker PT WOM Finance Terbaru

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Company Profile
As the leading motorcycle financing company in Indonesia, PT rides Ottomitra Multiartha, Tbk (WOM) has a long history. 
The company has changed its name several times. Originally PT Jakarta Tokyo Leasing that was built in 1982. In the same year the name was changed to PT Fuji Semeru Leasing. Then in 1997 the name was changed to PT rides Ometraco Multiartha. 

Beginning in 2000, the company transformed into PT rides Ottomitra Multiartha also known as "WOM" which provides financing for new and used motorcycles, with the majority of consumer financing granted for motorcycle brands Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. 

In 2003, the company entered the capital market by issuing Bonds I amounting to Rp 300 billion. In 2004, WOM Finance became a public company through the IPO, listing of shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange. In 2006, WOM Finance issued bonds worth Rp 825 billion III. Because of performance brilliant, WOM Finance gained various prestigious awards, among others Multifinance Awards 2006 by Infobank Magazine and Multifinance Awards 2007 by Investor Magazine. 

IV bonds worth Rp 1 trillion later reissued by WOM Finance in 2007. In the same year, the Company was ranked third largest motorcycle financing company with total assets of Rp 4.8 trillion.

As a company that is adaptive, flexible and sensitive to the needs of the community, WOM Finance introduced a new slogan, "Make Your Dreams Touching Hearts". More than just a loan that is strategic partner, WOM Finance to help realize the dream of the people of Indonesia to have a motorcycle any preferred brand and type. 

In addition to the expansion of sales network, by the end of 2008 WOM Finance has internal consolidation and improvement of risk management policies. By selecting the right portfolio, WOM Finance is able to increase profits and drive their business towards a better and healthier. 

WOM Finance has recorded more than 1 million customers and continually facilitate and improve the satisfaction of service to consumers. This is a program launched by the rapidly (fast service, easy terms, Safe and Reliable). 

WOM Finance is now approaching one day service by always updating and preparing the appropriate infrastructure, particularly in the field of information technology.
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Lowongan Kerja PT WOM Finance Terbaru

Update 25 Oktober 2014
POSISI : Regional Audit Officer  – Head Office
  • Monitoring dan melakukan proses audit bertahap sesuai dengan prosedur yang ada untuk memastikan operasi yang telah dilakukan sesuai dengan standar  perusahaan.
  • Pendidikan minimal Sarjana (S1) atau fresh graduate.
  • Jurusan  Ekonomi, Keuangan / Akuntansi / Perbankan atau setara.
  • Mempunyai 1 tahun pengalaman di bidang multifinance audit.
  • Lebih disukai Staff (non-manajemen & non-pengawas) dibidang Perbankan atau Jasa Keuangan.
  • Lebih diutamakan telah disertifikasi Audit
  • Mempunyai basic pengetahuan tentang audit operasional
  • Mempunyaii pengetahuan tentang ISO
  • Mempunyai analisis yang kuat.
  • Mampu Berorientasi.

Date line tanggal 12 November 2014.  Silahkan kirim aplikasi lamaran kerja anda beserta CV dan poto terbaru, untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan mengunjungi website kami dialamat
Hanya kandidat terpilih yang akan dihubungi.

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