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Latest Jobs PT HM Sampoerna Position Technician

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HM Sampoerna tobacco company in Indonesia. Established in 1913 PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna was founded by an Indonesia Chinese who immigrated to Surabaya from Fujian province, China, Liem Seeng Tee. The largest tobacco companies in Indonesia, says Indonesia's Sampoerna/Philip Morris International/KT & G Indonesia. PT HM Sampeorna is an affiliate of PT Philip Morris Indonesia and is part of the famous cigarette manufacturer in the world that is Philip Morris International. The acquisition of the company diseleseikan percent 97,95 by parent of Altria Group was created in May 2005. Controlling Sampoerna family especially Putera Sampoerna sold 40 percent of shares outstanding a block, and the rest is assigned to the person in the other through negotiation and the rest of the shares were purchased through the tender offer. Approximately 5.2 billion dollars worth of the company's transaction sets so. Altria and South Korea & KT has done strategic steps by investing in Sampoerna. In 2008, Philip Morris International or Marlboro separated from Altria. Most people at that time Indonesia still smoking cigarettes, even though Philip Morris or Marlboro is smoking from the West's most popular and stylish. Among the products of Indonesia's Sampoerna, is the most popular cigarette filters white paper with the name of the brand or the brand of Sampoerna A Mild. Sampoerna A Mild although advertised as light cigarettes, but the actual content of TAR and Nicotine has the same with Marlboro Red. In 1988 that the early years are produced and the introduction of Sampoerna A Mild. Sampoerna A Mild product ever developed over time, where just weeks later appeared Sampoerna A Mild Menthol or Sampoerna A Mild green. And other products of HM Sampoerna was 234 or Dji Sam Soe. DJI Sam Soe including smoking unfiltered initiated in 1968. In Indonesia, Dji Sam Soe is the most premium products. Although the Dji Sam Soe be labeled with only twelve rods, but the retail price of perbungkusnya is the same as the Marlboro Red packaged twenty stems. DJI Sam Soe indeed honours celebrities as its legendary cigarettes in Indonesia in taste. In 2006 reports net sales of Rp. 29,55 trillion get net profit Rp 3.53 trillion. According to the results of a Nielsen Retail Audit Results Full Year 2011, a market share of 31.1 percent in the market belongs to Indonesia's Sampoerna. The number of employees accounting for Sampoerna and its subsidiaries reached approximately 27 thousand people. Indeed as a whole has nearly more than 60 thousand people, because other than that, the HM Sampoerna also cooperates with 38 MPS units (Production Partner Sigaret). Through 65 offices across Indonesia marketing, says HM Sampoerna sells and distributes cigarettes. HM Sampoerna exactly 99 years old in 2012, so is a pivotal point for Sampoerna as one of the oldest companies in Indonesia. Special figures in the history of the company is the number 9. According to the Chinese people, they often put their trust to advance the numbers six, eight, and the numeral number nine, as a lucky number, or contain another meaning meaning is positive. JIU or nine, which is sounded as a word meaning the eternal as in friendship and marriage, is the lucky number family of Sampoerna. Sampoerna is worth proud to philosophy and tradition that is the basis of success supported by quality brands along with employees of the very best, while continuing to innovate for the future brighter for this is Sampoerna get confirmation as one of the most famous producers of smoking in Indonesia. Vision and mission of HM Sampoerna The Vision Of HM Sampoerna To become the leading manufacturer of smoking in Indonesia The Mission Of HM Sampoerna To adult smokers in Indonesia, we offer the best smoking experience full of flavour, often done with always finding out what is desired by consumers, then give the product in accordance with the expectations of consumers. In terms of quality, excellence, and innovation, with a reputation that certainly we are proud.

Latest Jobs PT HM Sampoerna Position: Technician STS (ID-02452) Requirements: Bachelor's and Master's Degree (S1/S2) in Chemistry (SCIENCES). Cumulative GPA of at least 3.00. Holds experience as analysts in analytical laboratory services for a minimum of 2 years. Fresh graduate are welcome. Have knowledge of applied statistics, for laboratory analysis and methodology, security and good Laboratory Practices, and operation of laboratory equipment. Achievements and the orientation of consumers as well as the concern for quality. Have a basic knowledge of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, and OSHAS 18001 would be an advantage. Proficiency in the language of the United Kingdom (written and oral) will be an advantage. Willing to relocated in Sukorejo – East Java. Vacancies closed on August 28, 2015. If you are interested, send the application and for more information you can see via JOBSCDC or please click here
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