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Latest Jobs Kapal Api Global Position Audit & Compliance Officer

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Kapal Api Global  company, it is a large company that consists of 7 business units i.e. Santos Jaya Abadi, Agel Lasting, Fastrata Buana, Excelso multi flavor, Weiss Tech, Sulotco Jaya Abadi, and Santos Premium Krimer, in which seven business units it is companies that engaged in the food and drink. Kapal Api Global  already present in Indonesia since 1927, where when it's the first time standing in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia, where when it's just as home-based company founded by Mr. Go Soe Loet, but now it's been growing into seven business units concentrating its business in the field of food and drink. Kapal Api Global  have food products and drinks of high quality products, which became the flagship in the market, products that have already gained the confidence of the consumer, products that always be the first choice of the consumer. Products that are best known by the public at large let alone by coffee lovers is coffee Kapal Api. Coffee production is the result of the Kapal Api Global  is a superior product in the local market even to the international market. The brand from the Fire itself, from the historical meaning of the sedi contains his naming, where the founder of the company when it chose the name for the Kapal Api Global  contains a deep meaning, where Kapal Api Global  has the meaning as something innovative and modern, and also Fire Ship or Kapal Api Global  contains a symbol of quality, triumph, and pride, therefore when the Steamer was selected as a trademark. Up to now the Coffee Kapal Api Global continue to exist in the food and beverage industry market with a well-known reputation, where Kapal Api Global  according to the motto that was conceived by the brand i.e.: certainly more tasty! Kapal Api Global  since its Foundation is an innovative company, as evidenced by the growth and development of Kapal Api Global , where initially only as a cottage industry and then continue to grow into a business unit had seven. So also indicates that the Kapal Api Global  since its foundation up to now always get a place in the hearts of the consumers as companies that focus on the food and beverage industry. Kapal Api Global  always pay attention to the quality rather than the product it produces, so with a focus on such products as a result of the Kapal Api Global  through its products that are able to provide satisfaction for our customers. Products result from the ship's fire is the Global quality assurance related to high quality. Since the establishment of the Kapal Api Global  have already committed to being a company engaged in the field of leading food and drinks in Indonesia, and that commitment is already able to be realized by the Kapal Api Global , even to exceed the estimates of where the Kapal Api through its products not only famous locally even internationally. Source: Kapal Api Global 

Latest Jobs Kapal Api Global  Update August 25, 2015 Position: Audit & Compliance Officer Requirements: Bachelor's degree in accounting with a minimum GPA of 3.00 Preferred minimum 1 year working experience in related fields within the food industry & drinks Fresh graduate welcome to apply Willing to travel a lot Required skiil: prevention and detect actions to audit, accounting basics. Deployed: Central Jakarta This vacancy is valid until August 31, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application Clik Here 
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