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Urgent Jobs Position General Accounting From Nestle Indonesia

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Nestle Indonesia grew into large companies currently with a wide variety of products. Nestle Indonesia is a subsidiary of Nestle SA, a leading company in the field of nutrition, health, headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle SA was founded more than 140 years ago by Henri Nestle, a pharmacist who successfully concocted the baby porridge to help a mother saved her baby who was not able to give and receive breast milk. Not all mothers can mengusui her son at the time of giving birth so the granting of this formula proved very helpful. To Nestle has operated in Indonesia since 1971 and at present already produces various products like dancow, bear brand, and nestle dancow ideal. Nestle Indonesia also cultivate like nescafe instant coffee as well as producing sweets/candy fox, s and polo. This is one product Nestle Indonesia. Nestle Indonesia increasingly evolved over time and is currently the fourth factory built in Karachi which is planned to be operational by 2013 to produce DANCOW, MILO, and Nestle CERELAC infant porridges. So for those of you located in there this is one of the job opportunities that fit for you. Because Nestle Indonesia is a large scale international company so there's definitely a lot of denied applicants to come there. As big companies need employees will help in terms of operational work, so for more information you can look directly at the newspapers for his condition. You can also come to own these companies and ask the security when there are jobs and whatever the requirement. As with any other major those companies need employees who are able to work hard, love a challenge and can be relied on, so this is a requirement for acceptance as an employee of Nestle Indonesia. Nestle Indonesiamemiliki the motto "Good Food, Good Life" illustrates the company's commitment to combine sustainable science and technology in order to provide products that are able to meet the basic human needs will be nutritious foods and beverages, as well as safe for consumption as well as delicious taste. Quality is the No. 1 applied here so obtained good results and corresponding with customers. Nestle Indonesia indeed has now become a large company but never seen in that way only because with so many rivals that are in Indonesia now is something more innovative is the key to success in this business. Nearly half a century of Nestle Indonesia standing in Indonesia and has been producing a wide range of finished products not denied has grown into a large company. So if you want a career there, there is no harm trying to be part of the Nestle Indonesia.

Urgent Jobs Nestle Indonesia Position: General Accounting Requirements: Background in undergraduate Accounting with an index of Achievement Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75. Minimum 1-2 years experience in related field, preferably Supervisor/Coordinator who specializes in Finance – General/Cost accounting. Fresh graduate candidates with previous experience in similar projects are welcome to sign up. Fluent in United Kingdom good command of spoken and written. Good attitude, initiative and proactive. Placement in Surya Cipta City of Industry – East Karawang in West Java. Vacancies closed on 25 September 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via email and for more information please click here.
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