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Latest Jobs Air Liquide Indonesia Chemical or Mechanical Engineering

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Air Liquide, a company, is a company engaged in the field of gas for industry, health and the environment. Liquid water present in eighty countries by having employees almost 50 thousand people. Air Liquide is certainly present in Indonesia, hence the name Air Liquide Indonesia. Air Liquide was established in 1902, and since Air Liquide stand that his business activities were in the sector of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, rare gases and. Air Liquide with over time continues to make improvements and increase the quality of its services, with innovations that have been carried out by Air Liquide, where with the Air Liquide innovation capable of anticipating market needs now and in the future. Air Liquide work responsibly, in full consistency with the spirit of a high performance, all carried out by Air Liquide to progress to empower as well as to achieve dynamic growth and continuous improvement. Air Liquide combines a variety of products in order to develop production and services of value not only to consumers but also to the interests of the wider community. Air Liquide organized industrial energy use is lower. Air Liquide has innovative technologies that limit the emissions of pollutants are certainly technologies owned by Air Liquide international class. Air Liquide strives to restore natural resources or developing future energy, including photovoltaic energy or biofuels, as well as the hirogen. Then oxygen for hospitals, combating nosocomial infections, as well as homecare. Air Liquide is a partner or a partner who is not short term but long term. Air Liquide relies on the commitment of officers who have competence in their fields each and also full of dedication, Air Liquide also rely on the trust of its customers, as well as Air Liquide, supported by its shareholders, the mainstay of mainstay Air Liquide-it becomes a unity which brought Air Liquide achieve a sustainable vision, certainly also to face the challenge of the market with full competitive. Air Liquide is a solid company, where it kesolidan Air Liquide gained from diversity teams, businesses, markets and also a geographical location. Air Liquide triggered to continually build a solid and continuous cooperation in the framework of development and to strengthen the expertise owned and also to serve as a measure of self. Air Liquide with all ability assets ready to explore new areas and build a bright future. Air Liquide explores the most good from the air to create sustainability of life, which is certainly in the Air Liquide--upholding a sense of social responsibility and sustainable development. Air Liquide is already enlisting in the Paris Euronext stock exchange (compartment a) and became a member of the CAC40 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 Index. Air Liquide, in 2012, the number of Group revenue of 15.3 million euros with eighty-two percent it generates it outside France. And Air Liquide Indonesia standing in 1993, Air Liquide Indonesia is a subsidiary of Air Liquide France. Air Liquide France support the industry in Indonesia through the Ministry and a full provision for all sorts of reasons gas Air Liquide had a tough human resources locally and have a background Air Liquide Group in all parts of the world. Air Liquide Indonesia has two Gas plant and has two Hidorgen factory in Cilegon, West Java. Air Liquide Indonesia is a leading company for suppliers either foreign companies or local companies via the pipeline, among them companies that supplied by Air Liquide Indonesia it was Bayer, PENI, Asahimas, Mitsubishi, Dow Chemical, Krakatau Steel, BHP Steel, and Chandra Asri. Air Liquide Indonesia with continuous and sustainable sending gas to the consumers in Indonesia's islands of which are Java, Sumatra, and also the island of East Kalimantan. Pendistribusiannya organized through cryogenic truck, tubes or through distributors. Air Liquide Indonesia already had ISO 9001 – 2000. Air Liquide amat urged all the concerned stakeholders, to always pay attention to safety. Source: Air Liquide

Latest Jobs Air Liquide Indonesia Position: Chemical or Mechanical Engineering Requirements: Graduate/student of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and industrial engineering Min GPA 3.00 Young male & women A good command of spoken and written language in the United Kingdom Master computer Adaptable, creative, hard working, independent, self motivation Vacancies closed on August 31, 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via online and for more information you can see through the Linked in or please click here
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