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PT CBA Chemical Industry Position Management Trainee (MT)

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For four years the CBA live distribution with pasar-pasarnya growing and expanding, then the CBA planned to build a factory capable of producing its own chemicals with the commitment of hard work and the support of reliable and experienced as well as the adequate technology. Then in 1999, the CBA has a factory with an area of five acres of land, located in Cikande, Serang, Banten. Since 2001 with the presence of government deregulation in the field of pesticides, and considering the State of Indonesia is one of the largest agrarian State, then the CBA see opportunities for proper contributed as well as in the field of industrial pesticides. In this time CBA started developing a new business unit that is producing pesticides and circulated almost throughout Indonesia with name: Herbicide PRIMA-UP U.S. 480 (a. Glyphosate IPA I: 480 g/l), Herbicide META-PRIMA 8 WDG (a. i.: Methyl Melsufuron 20%), insecticides CENTA-FUR 3 GR (a. i: Carbofuran 3%), Herbicides PRIMAXONE 276 SL (a. Paraquat Dicloride I: 276 g/l), Herbicide pillars UP 480 SL (a. I Glyphosate IPA: 480 g/l). For the next CBA will develop a pesticide products with different types of Insecticides, insecticide Dymehypo Monosultap, insecticides, fungicides, Difrnokonazole Permethrine Harbisida Glyphosate + Methylmetsulfuron peransang grow ETHEPON substances. To keep the quality of production in order to remain superior and consistent, then the CBA ever-improving facilities and laboratory equipment, as well as developing HUMAN RESOURCES, and work closely with research institutions in and outside the country, so that any quality control research and development can go well, sustainable and oriented to the market demand. Currently our chemical laboratory facilities have been equipped with equipment including; HPLC, Spectrophotometer, a Mini Reactor, and other supporting laboratory equipment. The company's Mission and vision in sync, then the CBA was able to survive so long economic crisis that hit Indonesia in General, and even continues to develop into one of the company's strong and sturdy in the situation of the economy and rapidly changing technology. To achieve this vision and mission of the CBA has always tried to follow all the technological developments, to develop quality HUMAN RESOURCES, and conduct research and development on an ongoing basis. Vision: Be one of the players on the field of the chemical industry on the national and international levels. CBA'S MISSION is to give the best service, consistent product quality, and competitive price. Address: Boulevard Gading Serpong, Kav. CBD Lot Paramount Serpong City: Tangerang Indonesia Pt. CBA Banten Province: Chemical Industry. Source: CBA Chemical Industry

Latest CBA Jobs Chemical Industry Position: Management Trainee (MT) Requirements: Men Max. 28 years old At least Bachelor degree graduates majoring in chemical engineering/Chemistry/Pharmacy Min GPA 3.00 Have a minimum of 1 year experience Healthy physical and spiritual Honest, responsible, willing to work under pressure Willing to follow the program of management trainees Willing to work or placed around the working area of the company (Indonesia) Vacancies closed 1 September 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via email and for more information can be seen through the ITB Career Canter or please click here
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