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Latest Wings Surya Jobs Position Production Leader

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The Wings Surya or Wings Group, a company, is a company that became a manufacturer and distributor of household and personal care products in Indonesia. The Wings Surya or Wings Group was founded in 1948 in East Java, so it's almost more than sixty years of solar Wings running its business activities, in which the Wings Surya or Wings Wings brand Group grew to become the largest company in Indonesia and a brand of Wings is a brand that was already known by people in Indonesia through its quality which is of high quality. The Wings Surya or Wings Group had its first products namely detergents and soaps, detergents and SOAP where the production results from the Wings Surya or Wings Group that get a good appreciation of the consumer, where the consumer has been admitted to the quality of products and branded SOAP detergent Wings through the trust given and also through in which products detergents and soaps from the Wings was the first choice of society Indonesia. After the detergent and SOAP products, other products with the help of Wings Surya or Wings Group, neither about the distribution channels for products from Wings Surya or Wings Group also undertook to set up. Wings Surya or Wings Group, Furthermore, grew rapidly to become a manufacturer in the field of manufakturproduk for the largest consumers in Indonesia. In doing so, thus indicating that Wings Surya or Wings Group has products that already gives satisfaction to its customers, in addition to high-quality products from Wings Surya or Wings Group is also an affordable price. The Wings Surya or Wings Group is an innovative company, where the innovations undertaken by the Wings Surya or Wings Group is another such Group was organized to continually meet the needs of consumers in manufacturing products for the consumer. Innovation-innovation organized by the Wings Surya or Wings Group likewise prove that Wings Surya or Wings Group continually improve and enhance the quality of the products created. The Wings Surya or Wings Group through the innovations undertaken by the company, the more useful contributing to community life in Indonesia through treatment equipment products, household and personal care. The Wings Surya or Wings Group supported by complete facilities and infrastructure as well as technologically advanced in order to manufacture its products, where adequate facilities and high-tech Wings Surya or Wings Group capable of creating world class products. In addition, the Wings Surya or Wings Group is also supported by reliable human resources, where human resources are you by the Wings Surya or Wings Group, is people who are professionals, people who are skilled in their fields each, people who have a tough competitiveness. Source: Wings Surya

The Latest Wings Surya Jobs Position: Production Leader Requirements: Male/Female Education D3/S1 chemistry, electricity, physics, industrial engineering, Department of chemical engineering Fresh graduate Willing to work shift system Vacancies closed on August 31, 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via online and for more information you can see through the Career Maranatha (Maranatha University MMSCC) or sialakan click here
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