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Latest Jobs Steel Pipe Industry Indonesia Position MANAGEMENT TRAINEE OPERATION

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PT. Steel Pipe Industry Of Indonesia, Tbk, as the company is now experiencing a rapid development is moving in the field of steel pipe located in Karachi. The company was founded since 1971 are headquartered in the area Kalibutuh 189-191 of Surabaya and has representative offices in Prince Jayakarta 55, Jakarta. Steel Pipe Industry PT Indonesia, Tbk. (SPINDO) is a wholly as a national company and experienced in producing various kinds of steel pipe/tube and other related products to meet the specifications of the most innovative. The company currently employs about 1,000 people and has five spacious and modern factories. PT. Indonesia Pipe steel industry produces a wide range of steel pipes/tubes and a variety of related products, as well as innovative as Always commitment while efforts meet the needs of specific customers. The consistency of quality of our products has been recognized around the world such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Australia and so on. Quality standard of our products requires that each pipe pressure tested, tested for leaking, and so on. Guaranteed quality at every step by rigorous evaluation of programs of the company, plus all the ISO 9002 International certificate and API 1.5 l jar. With regards to quality, PT SPINDO pipe also complies with international standards ASTM, BS, JIS, ISO, API, and also the SNI, national standards of Indonesia. The company always use high standard testing equipment like Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic Test Machine & Machine evaluation, Holiday Detector, Thickness Gauges and more. Our test results are incorporated in the data bank which has been the source of extensive and reliable information, and support for the decisions at every level. Quality standard of our products requires that each pipe is experiencing High Test pressures, to avoid leakage. We always use Consists of standard test equipment of high standard, for example: Hidrostatic, machine, Ultrasonic Test and Evaluation Engine, the Holiday Detector, Thickness Gauge, etc. The company always utilize information test results from a data bank that became a reference and runway operating, search all forms of information also in all decision levels. Quality assurance of the products the company has always done through the application of quality evaluation System of a progam that rigorous and aligned with the recognition of international lawyers which has received International Certificate ISO 9002 and fire 1.5 l jar. In accordance with the requirements of the international quality just PT. SPINDO meet the standards ASTM, BS, JIS, ISO, API, And SNI. Quality assurance of the product Pipe Indonesia's steel industry has been known to world wide as Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Australia, Singapore. Here's the location of the production units owned by PT. Steel Pipe Industry Of Indonesia, as a strategic facility owned by the company Unit I Rungkut Surabaya I Welded Industrial Straight Pipe (ERW) Steel, Galvanised Steel from General Manufacturer Unit II Rungkut Industrial II Surabaya Straight Welded Pipe (ERW) Steel, Galvanised, Coil Service Center Unit III Warugunung – Surabaya Stainless Steel Welded Pipes, Straight Steel Pipe (ERW) Unit IV Beji Spiral Welded Steel Pipe Pasuruan Steel Coating Service Unit V Partners Karawang Industrial Mechanical/Automotive Tubes Source: PT Steel Pipe Industry of Indonesia

Latest Jobs Steel Pipe Industry Indonesia Position: MANAGEMENT TRAINEE OPERATION Requirements: Male S1/D3 education statistics, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, ekektro Minimum GPA of 2.75 Maximum age is 26 years No eyeglasses Fresh graduate or experience minimum 1 years Vacancies closed September 4, 2015. If you are interested, send your application via email and for information to J. P. C. UB or please click here
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