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Latest Jobs Fajar Surya Wisesa (FajarPaper) Production Staff

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Fajar Surya Wisesa or commonly called FajarPaper, a company is a company that produces paper packaging companies in Indonesia. Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper has a production capacity of one million two hundred thousand metric tons per year. Surya Wisesa  or FajarPaper has a range of products that include Corrugated Medium Paper (CMP) and Kraft Liner Board (of the OUTBREAK), as well as Coated Duplex Board (CDB). Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper established on 29 February 1988, the next start was recorded in the Jakarta Stock Exchange since December 19, 1994. In Schilling, produce Surya Wisesa  or FajarPaper raw material use one hundred percent recycled paper, then Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper Wisesa has powered power plants of its own in order to support the needs of energy to to 5 paper machine owner Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper. Surya Wisesa  or FajarPaper in an attempt to become a manufacturer of paper packaging is as the founder, in which Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper is a company that was the first time that perform business activities in that field in Indonesia, therefore, with the journey that was already done by Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, make Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper being the company with the experience requirement. And with the experience that is owned by dawn Solar Wisesa or FajarPaper, then the Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper are able to produce quality products that are high-quality international. Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper including to companies that always perform a wide range of innovations in order to operate its business activities, where with the innovations made by Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, then the Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper always produce quality products quality assurance. With the innovations made by Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, also shows that Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper always do the repair and improvement of the quality of the products it produces. Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper very focused his attention to the satisfaction of the consumers through the quality of the product produced by the Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper. Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, supported by infrastructure and facilities fully equipped and technologically advanced as well in order to run its business activities, where with adequate facilities and the latest technology that you also by Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, then the Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper else is able to continuously provide world class products. Other than that, the Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper is also assisted by the professional staffs, owned by dawn Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper, where human resources are owned by Fajar Surya Wisesa or FajarPaper are people who are experts in their fields each, people are reliable. Source: Fajar Surya Wisesa (FajarPaper)

Latest Jobs Fajar Surya Wisesa (FajarPaper) Update August 21, 2015 Position: Production Staff Description of work: Checked periodically related production schedule Ensure production machine is running smoothly Make a note of the results of the production Requirements: DIII/S1 Engine T. The man, aged 21 – 28 years Can make the production report Experience working in a paper factory preferred Healthy, and not bespectacled Willing to be placed in Cibitung, Cikarang This vacancy is valid until August 31, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application
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