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Career Grahaexcel Plastindo Position Maintenance - Technician

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Grahaexcel Plastindo, a local company, is a company engaged in the manufacturing industry leading plastics in Indonesia. Grahaexcel Plastindo is a pioneer in the field of the plastic industry's first time using the Triple Construction System in the process of producing a result that is where brand: Excel. Branded products that Excel in this new breakthrough is made by Grahaexcel Plastindo in the plastic industry, where products from brand Excel is then able to become a key player in the market for Indonesia. Grahaexcel Plastindo initiated his business in 1969 on a medium scale, then Grahaexcel Plastindo grow up to now be in the forefront in the field of the plastics manufacturing industry in Indonesia, with the Excel brand. Grahaexcel Plastindo since the Foundation already has a strong commitment, namely to become the largest company in the field of plastic industry in Indonesia through quality products quality assurance. Grahaexcel Plastindo during his journey to explore the plastic industry in Indonesia, already able to embody what became his commitment that, where now Grahaexcel Plastindo've got a high reputation in the market of plastic industry in Indonesia through the Excel brand. Grahaexcel Plastindo surely will always continually maintain a high reputation through increasingly products of high quality. Grahaexcel Plastindo with its trading brand named Excel, is already proving that Grahaexcel Plastindo is an innovative company, where with the innovations made by Grahaexcel Plastindo, Grahaexcel Plastindo've got reputation as innovators in the plastic industry in Indonesia through the Excel brand. With the innovations made by Grahaexcel Plastindo likewise prove that Grahaexcel Plastindo continually improve and enhance the quality of the products it produces. Grahaexcel Plastindo in order to run its business activities always focus to what the needs of the consumers regarding services in the industry of plastic, therefore Grahaexcel Plastindo always obtain good confessions or the quality of its products from the consumer, so that the Grahaexcel Plastindo being a company that is trusted by consumers and also always be the first choice in the market of plastic industry in Indonesia. Grahaexcel Plastindo in his business activities supported by operating facilities and a fully equipped and also prasaran technologically up-to-date, so that with adequate facilities and also with the latest it technologies, Grahaexcel Plastindo capable of creating a quality product that is recognized by the mutunya the customers. Then, in addition, Grahaexcel Plastindo also supported by human resources, owned by Grahaexcel Plastindo, where human resources are you by Grahaexcel Plastindo it is the people who are experts in their fields each, people who have high professional attitude, people who have a high competitiveness. Thus, with all the resources you by Grahaexcel Plastindo, Grahaexcel Plastindo ready to always be in the forefront in the field of plastic industry in Indonesia. Source: Grahaexcel Plastindo.

Latest Jobs Grahaexcel Plastindo Update August 31, 2015 Position: Maintenance Technician Responsibilities: Plan weekly/monthly inspection tools, machinery and equipment Proactively identify defects in factory equipment, tools, machinery and equipment and find ways for rectification The address for the damage to tools, machinery and equipment, maintain and update spare parts Preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment, machinery and tools Create a SOP for handling machinery, equipment and supplies Requirements: Candidates must have a minimum Diploma, Bachelor's degree, engineering (engineering), engineering (Metal Fabrication/Welding/& Die Tool), engineering (Mechatronic/Electromechanical) or CMS/mechanical engineering or equivalent. At least 4 years experienced working in a related field is required for this position. Applicants must be willing to work in Tangerang. Preferably Supervisor/Coordinator specializing in the Maintenance/Repair (Facilities & machine) or equivalent. Full-time positions available. This vacancy is valid until 10 September 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application clik here.
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