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Jobs Vacancies Manager Accounting Keramik Diamond Industries PT

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PT Keramik Diamond Industries, known as "Keramik Diamond", is one of the major ceramic tile producers in Southeast Asia. It began operations in 1978, and is located in a 24-hectare compound at Gresik, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. VISION & MISSION Vision To be recognized by our customer as one of the best manufacturer of quality glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles. Mission To attain a high level of manufacturing efficiency, dinamic design and reliable distribution network by creating an environment of continuous improvement led by highly competent & motivated workforce ensuring total customer satisfaction. CORPORATE OVERVIEW PT Keramik Diamond Industries, known as "Keramik Diamond", is one of the major ceramic tile producers in Southeast Asia. It began operations in 1978, and is located in a 24-hectare compound at Gresik, near Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. As one of the pioneers in the ceramic tile industry in the country, Keramik Diamond capitalizes on the following: One of the most experience management teams in Indonesia, honed by more than twenty years' operation; Known for technology and design innovation; Abreast with Italian and Spanish technology via exchange programs; Proven reputation for integrity and consistency; and A well-maintained factory fully equipped with Italian machinery. Keramik Diamond produces a wide variety of brands, sizes and designs from various technologies. Consistent product quality is guaranteed by strict adherence to a rigid quality control system on all production process. This system was adopted from internationally accepted European practices and is certified by ISO 9001 United Kingdom. CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY Keramik Diamond takes pride in its founding mission: i.e. Professional Management, Consistent Quality and Value for Money. The company is wholly committed to maintaining professionalism in its business management. This becomes evident to any factory visitor, as this is seen put to practice at every level of management and operation. In the ceramic tile business, the concept of continuity is very important. To assure customers that they can receive tiles produced and graded consistently, Keramik Diamond accessed its quality management system in September 1995 and subsequently received ISO 9002 certification. In 1999, this certification was upgraded to ISO 9001. Change and development is a continuous process in order to compete in the global market. Our R&D is always trying to produce better and cheaper tiles. These benefits are then passed onto the consumers. Furthermore, there is continual development of new designs, aided with the best computer technology and global information. Keramik Diamond also takes pride in its ability to support its customers on construction projects. Having the ability to produce both floor and wall tiles with sizes ranging from 100mm x 100mm to 500mm x 500mm, enables its clients to bid for projects on the commercial sector. MANAGEMENT & HUMAN RESOURCES Keramik Diamond considers its employees as its most important single resource. From the very beginning, the management realizes that it could never attain its goals without the commitment of its employees. Since 1978, the company has conducted regular training base on a building block system focused on the development of human resources. Employees are continuously evaluated and sent for upgrading training. Rewards in the form of recognition or monetary benefits are given out on a regular basis. This was designed to motivate and encourage employees to improve. Career paths are planned for employees with potentials for more important assignments. The welfare of every employee is closely monitored to ensure that they can perform at their utmost capacity. The company also regularly recruits experienced and professional expatriates to enhance areas where it is lacking. It is through the unrelenting emphasis on human resource development that Keramik Diamond is able to reciprocate the necessary commitment from its employees to achieve its goals. PRODUCT Keramik Diamond operates various single firing, double firing and third firing kilns producing floor and wall tiles with size ranging from 100 mm x 100 mm to 500 mm x 500 mm. Keramik Diamond uses different technologies in its operation under the brand names "Diamond Tiles", "Grandmaster" and "Genova" i.e.; Monocuttura; Monoporosa; Bicottura; Double Fast Firing; and Third Firing. In addition, it also produces rustic or rock tiles. MARKET The current production volume is sold under three brand names: "Diamond Tiles", "Grandmaster" and "Genova". Keramik Diamond currently distributes its products throughout Indonesia and the international market. Domestic Market The company has been one of the leading suppliers of ceramic floor and wall tiles in the Indonesian market for many years. There are more than 18 major distribution centers strategically positioned across the Indonesian archipelago. International Market The company has established its export market in 1987 to serve the American Market. Currently it serves various customers in Asia, Australia, America, Africa and Europe including Italy and Spain. In some cases of large volume orders for special designs, it also accommodates contract manufacturing agreements.

Manager Accounting Company Logo Keramik Diamond Industries PT - Keramik Diamond Industries PT Gresik Industry: Building Material & Sanitary Ceramic, Granite Function: Accounting & Finance

JOB REQUIREMENT of economic/financial Degree understood and understand taxation Have A brevet certificate & B has the experience in the same position min. 3 years Understand ERP application male/female maximal 50 years
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