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Manager Human Resources on Karyabhakti Manunggal PT Urgenty Jobs

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PT Karyabhakti Manunggal was established in December 1990 to produce falcata and Merkusii Pine finger-joint laminated board mainly for Japan and Korea market. Nowadays our Factory occupies 12,000 sq meters of manufacturing and warehousing spare on 27,000 sq meters of land at Purbalingga, near the largest pine forest on southern part of Central Java. We also have a factory which occupies 13,000 sq meters of manufacturing and warehousing spare on 7,000 sq meters of land at Pematang Siantar, near the largest pine forest too, in North Sumatra. PT Karyabhakti Manunggal currently employ 400 peoples processing Merkusii Pine laminated board and Merkusii Pine Component. In 2009, we had produce table top and table foot for Japans costumer. We also have supplied another Japan"s costumer which need DIY (Do It Your-self) components. Our Pinusawood purchased directly from Perhutani that uses environmentally sound harvesting practices. Perhutani is a state-owned company in charge of forestry responsible for sustainable harvesting and plantation of fast growing Merkusii Pine in Java. Our Main product is used for housing component and furniture manufacture. Recognizing the importance of minimum waste, we are using state of the art precision woodworking machines. We train our employees to continuously improve our production system to be highly effective. We depend on employees with knowledge fostered over many years of experience to produce high quality product on time. We also do a research and development through the machinery process and raw materials resource to be efficient in making our product.

Manager Human Resources Company Logo Karyabhakti Manunggal PT - Karyabhakti Manunggal PT Semarang Industry: Other Manufacturers Other Function: Human Resource

JOB DESCRIPTION Strategize and HR management. Coordinate and control the execution of the function of HUMAN RESOURCES throughout the Department. Directing, analysing and managing practice and procedure remuneration. Putting together a performance management system, as well as coordinate and control implementation of the performance management cycle starting from planning, guidance up to penilian performance. Manage and control the activities of the Office of administration, kepersonaliaan and HRD system system. JOB REQUIREMENT At least 40 years of age. All undergraduate education majors, preferred the law, psychology and management, a minimum GPA of 3.00. Experience as a HUMAN RESOURCES Manager miniaml 5 years. Master The Labor Law. HRD policy policy capable of making, HR systems, compensation and Benefits, SOP. Understand ISO, KAIZEN and the TOC. Organization Development People Development Placement Of Semarang (Central Java), Source Clik Here.
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