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Career With Freeport Indonesia Urgent Position And Join With Us

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Freeport as an affiliate of Freeport-McMoRan Copper Gold Inc. Freeport & is a company engaged in the field of mining, processing and exploration ore containing copper, gold and silver. Exactly this company is operating in the Mimika area of the Highlands of Papua Province, Indonesia. Freeport was able to market the concentrate containing copper, gold and silver around the world. Mining of Freeport's mining complex becoming the backup containing copper gold also can be taken and the largest in the world. Freeport is located at the heart of a very rich mineral area, where exploration activities capable of delivering sustainable opportunities to continue to increase the reserves of all time. Freeport-McMoRan Copper glance & Gold Inc. is a major international mining company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. Freeport-McMoRan Copper Gold Inc. to manage diverse & assets with long-term reserves of copper, gold and molybdenum and is geographically spread across four continents. This can be realized starting from Equatorial mountains in Papua, Indonesia, to the desert Southwest of the United States, the majestic volcano in Peru, the region's traditional copper producer in Chile and exciting new opportunities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Until this company always been at the forefront in providing supplies of the metal which is critical in the world. As an industry leader pertambagan metal, Freeport has demonstrated his expertise as evidenced through technology and production methods to produce copper, gold and molybdenum. Freeport conducts its business activities together with the primary subsidiary of Freeport-McMoRan, PTFI Copper Corporation and the Atlantic. To complement the knowledge of the workings of Freeport, as technical reviews currently implements two techniques of Freeport mining, i.e., open-pit mining or using trucks and shovels the giant Grasberg mine area of electrical and engineering ambrukan or block-caving in Deep underground mines Ore Zone (DOZ). The ore was transported to the processing plant was destroyed by a series of conveyor belts and "ore pass". Joint destruction techniques used, including the use of the machine the Semi autogenous Grinding (SAG) and Ball Mill for crushing ore into very fine sand. The ore is transported by truck transport at open mine which was followed by a process using flotation reagent alcohol-based ingredients, and lime, minerals separate concentrates containing copper, gold and silver. Concentrated in the form of pulp supplied from factory to factory in the port of Amamapare drying through the pipeline along the 110 km of dry Concentrates. stored in the port of Amamapare before being sold and shipped to smelting factories around the world. Freeport working in partnership together with the Indonesia Government aims to provide benefits for the people of Indonesia in addition to providing for the world of the metal participate. Freeport continues to be a model of economic development in Indonesia that process natural resources and maximize the social benefits for the community, more specifically the communities of Papua. The company also seeks to minimize the environmental impact, and was determined to continue to improve every aspect of the operation. Vision: To become a world-class mining companies create value-very good value and is a source of pride for all stakeholders including employees, communities and the nation. Mission: Committed to creatively transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable growth through best practices while prioritizing the well-being and security of employees and the community, human resources development, social responsibility and the environment, as well as industrial safety and health. Source: Freeport Indonesia.

Jobs Freeport Indonesia Position: DESIGNER, CIVIL 3D PLAN & JKTA Requirements: D3 with 6 years of experience in the oil and gas industry or equivalent education and experience. Core competencies (knowledge, skills and character) Code Drafting. United Kingdom TOEIC 400. 3D AutoCAD. ° Computer skills, especially for MS Office. Vacancies closed 23 November 2015. If you are interested, please send your application via online and for more information you can see through the Career of PT Freeport or click here.
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