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Latest Schlumberger Jobs Position FIELD ENGINEER INTERNSHIP

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The company was founded by two brothers, who found in oil and gas wells. After a period of inactivity that long Schlumberger cukap continue to build the longest line in providing technology in the form of E P & develop on the inner surface. Schlumberger always invest time and finasialnya research and technology as a long-term strategy for the support and development of advanced technologies. Manage your business through the Schlumberger geomarketa 35 regions into four geographical regions: United Stated, United KingdomNorth America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Africa & Middle East and Asia. The experience of this company, namely exploration and production is obtained after melakoni his business 75 years. The company has a long-term commitment to industrial technology and innovation services through a network of 25 research centres, design and technology. Global coverage in more than 85 countries, coupled with strong local experience and diversity in thought, background and knowledge of more than 140 nationalities brings to the pursuit of excellence in service, whenever, Solutions and services for Schlumberger combine expertise with insightful environment, innovative technology and high quality support to help customers improve the efficiency of oil fields, to find the lower production costs and increase productivity, maximize backup recovery and increase the value of the assets in a way that is safe for the environment. Currently, the Schlumberger service, including open and cased hole wireline log, drilling services, good service, as cementing, coiled tubing, sand control and stimulation, well completion services, including testing and adoption of artificial interpretation and consulting services; and integrated project management. Technical support and strong operational fields are crucial to the success of any global complex operations that include remote sites. The key is to provide links in real time with experts from the world-renowned and knowledge, providing the latest and the problem of capacity-anywhere, anytime. enterprises knowledge management tools to improve access to technology centres Schlumberger through the most advanced tools, 12:0 am a day, seven days a week. Improving the E P & operations to increase production, increase reserves and drilling that better integration requires innovative information technologies. Schlumberger information solutions (SIS) offers a unique combination of people, processes and technology and infrastructure, and at the time of actual computer tool-providing the key value added solutions to overcome various problems for business processes in the industry. SIS offers the management of information technology infrastructure, software and services. Combined with the experience of the company, through the Council, to the domain, this allows oil and gas companies to improve their performance and achieve their goals. Business focus on integrated projects (IPM) in response to the challenges of Schlumberger, as well as industrial development. The activities of the PHT is characterized by the relationship between customers and Schlumberger. It offers a combination of technique, among management processes, as well as an understanding of the technology segment of Schlumberger. Not to mention that the experience and technologies, Schlumberger often work with local subcontractors take advantage of local knowledge and experience. Schlumberger has achieved some success in PHT especially in Mexico City. For example now in the Burgos project in its seventh year, have a well executed 237, including 2.3 million feet of the hole. Shipping clients have included production accelerated, lower capital costs and greater efficiency. Schlumberger has an unwavering commitment to maintain the highest standards of health and safety of employees, customers and contractors, as well as to protect the environment of the community in all operational areas. Through the long-term business success of Schlumberger depends on the ability of PROTECTION by ensuring that it remains a top priority for management and every employee. Schlumberger industrial policy, as well as various standards are applied across the company. Each employee must renew the accreditation of training courses.
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The Latest Schlumberger Jobs Position: FIELD ENGINEER INTERNSHIP Requirements: For all undergraduate engineering students who are at the end of the semester with a GPA of 3.30 min male mastered the English language Adaptable, creative, hard working, independent, self-motivated willing to work under pressure Vacancies closed on August 25, 2015. If you are interested, send the application via online and for more information you can see through the ECC UGM or please click here
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