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Latest Jobs Bumitangerang Mesindotama BT COCOA Warehouse Manager

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Good quality cocoa products can only be obtained through cooperation with the cocoa farmers. To further enhance the good cooperation with farmers, BT Care programs open Cocoa in August 2011 that focuses on enhancing partnerships with farmers, training delivery, rehabilitation and bought cocoa directly from the farmers who are partnered. Purchase with large numbers and continued to increase throughout Indonesia, will make it easier for farmers to sell directly to us with a price to match. Thus the quality of life of farmers as well as the quality of cocoa will continue to increase. Operating in the countries of origin, which is also the third largest cocoa producer in the world, providing a competitive advantage. Unlike most chocolate processing, we have recognized the importance of "taking a step back in order to move forward." BT COCOA aware of the importance of working together and collaborating with cocoa farmers. Such collaboration and cooperation to ensure the correct fulfillment of customer needs but does not interfere with the capacity of cocoa will be world for future generations. With that in mind, the BT Cocoa has launched a program of BT CARE (Cocoa Assistance and Rehabilitation Efforts) i.e. a program that aims to address the issue of the stability and sustainability of cocoa ranging from the most basic level. With this in mind, we have increased our focus on buying in the region itself and establish a direct relationship with the farmers. Our large and growing throughout Indonesia, ensuring quality of supply and manage risk. Vision: Recognized as a leading provider of global cocoa that focus on sustainable growth Mission: Cocoa products meet the needs of customers with passion and integrity, ensuring a high sustainable growth both economically and environmentally. Source: BT COCOA

Latest Jobs Bumitangerang Mesindotama BT COCOA Update August 18, 2015 Position: Warehouse Manager Responsibilities: Control inventory levels by measuring the physical; reconciliation with data storage systems; Planning, coordination and monitoring of acceptance, and delivery of goods; Maintain the efficiency of the utilization of space and mechanical handling equipment, ensuring quality, environmental objectives and budget targets are met; Maintain stock control system up to date and ensure the accuracy of the inventory and planning future capacity needs; Producing periodic reports and statistics daily, weekly and monthly; Requirements: Age maximal 40 years; Bachelor of Economics/management or related to a minimum 2.75 grade scales (4); Have the same experience working to deal with aspects of the shed at least 5 years at managerial level is medium or Assistant Manager; Able to operate the PC (familiar with MS Office & Email); Have a strong leadership, good analytical thinking and interpersonal/communication skills and able to work under pressure situations; Domicile in the Tangerang area preferred. This vacancy is valid until August 25, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application
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