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Latest Jobs Nissan Motor Indonesia Customs Duty

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Founded in 1986, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia is a joint venture between Indomobil Group and Nissan Motors. The company is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. PT Nissan Motor Indonesia is engaged in the Assembly of vehicles, spare parts and other equipment, distribution and also the import and export of vehicles, spare parts and other equipment. The corporate headquarters and assembly plant located respectively in Jakarta and Purwakarta. Financial statements already audited for the year 2010, the total net revenues decreased by-3.24 percent, of 4,347, 931.37 thousand dollars be 4,207, 250.72 thousand rupiah. The results of the period increased by 147,48 per cent reached 431, 890.89 thousand dollars at the end of the period against a £ 174, 516.52 thousands years ago. Return on equity (net profit/equity) go from 18.66 percent to 31,59 percent, Return On Assets (net profit/total assets) go from 15.15 percent to 19.95 percent and Net Profit Margin (net profit/net sales) go from 4.01 percent to 10,27 percent when compared with the same period last year. Debt to Equity Ratio (Total Liabilities/Equity) was 58,34 percent compared with 23,20 per cent from a year ago. Finally, the Current Ratio (current assets/current liabilities) go 4.35-2.48 when compared to the previous year, according to the source is so individual. In 1986 to 2007, the company issued a product named, Nissan Terrano. In 2001 until 2007, the company issued a product named, Nissan X-Trail, and also Nissan X-Trail Rider, and also Nissan X-Trail Axis. Other products such as: Nissan NP300 Frontier, Nissan Grand Livina, Nissan Livina, Nissan March, Nissan Juke, Nissan and Avilia. One trend is the shift in demographics. The world's population growing rapidly, from the current 6.7 billion to more than 9 billion by 2050. More people will create a demand for more cars. Currently, there are 600 million vehicles around the world, by 2050, statistics show there may be up to 2.5 billion vehicles. A car is a reflection of freedom, status, personal achievement, and more and more new drivers will be looking for affordable transport and car ownership benefits that provides. The car accelerates product development to offer greater efficiency bak fuel and fewer CO2 emissions, more efficient than gasoline-fueled engines to hybrids, electric vehicles, clean diesel or fuel cell vehicles. Vehicle sales for the middle class increases the sukup significantly around the world, especially in emerging markets. Another important trend is the demand for environmentally friendly vehicles cleaner. The world is currently undergoing changes and Nissan tried to adapt to existing circumstances. The Nissan harness the power and potential that is in itself to prepare solutions that customers are always nebgunginkan added value, to the present moment until the future. As existed in fact Nissan is concerned the progress of innovative technology that is better for the environment, enhance safety, improve the performance of dynamic or give greater life satisfaction-on-board. Nissan has a clear vision for the future, together with partners such as the Renault Alliance, always committed and work with passion to achieve it. The company's mission is to enrich the life of the community, building trust together with employees, customers, dealers, partners, shareholders and all stakeholders. Source: Nissan Indonesia

Latest Jobs Nissan Motor Indonesia Update August 19, 2015 Position: Customs Duty & Tax Optimization Manager Task: Make sure the custom clearance for Import Parts are in line with regulations Update and socialize about new regulations related to imports and exports related to the Department Perform Internal Audit Compliance within Customs Regulations The principal is responsible for the annual audit of the Customs (as Coordinator for the light of the continuing internal NMI/work level with Government & management.) The main responsibility for dealing with the Government Evaluate and propose best practices to optimize your import duties Requirements: Experience in the KITE and SNI section is a must Being able to make a systematic process to maintain compliance Know well about the rules and how to optimize customs import duty Strong leadership Scholars from leading universities, all major with a minimum GPA of 2.8 4.00 It has been more than 5 years experience in related areas of the same Age 40 – 30 years Able to operate a computer (Ms Office., especially MS Excel) Fluent in United Kingdom (both oral and written) Have good interpersonal relationships, communication skills, able to work as a team Able to translate the language of practical regulatory language/business Have the ability of numerical, verbal logic, perspective, and more on the accuracy of Custom certificate specialist, has good relations with the Government, a good negotiation abilities, good analytical skills This vacancy is valid until August 31, 2015. If you are interested and meet the above requirements, please see the instructions at the source of the application via the link below: Source application
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